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  • white and blue christmas tree

    Bring the Hamptons Christmas Magic to Your Living Room

    white bauble

    As the holiday season approaches, there’s an undeniable charm in blending the coastal aesthetics of the Hamptons with the festive spirit of Christmas. Imagine the sound of waves crashing in the background as you cozy up by the fireplace, surrounded by tasteful decorations that bring the magic of the season to your living room.

    In this blog post, we’ll explore ideas to infuse the coastal Hamptons vibe into your Christmas decor for your living room, focusing on the fireplace, walls, corners, and tables.

    Blue and White Elegance – Christmas Color Palette

    Maintain a cohesive color palette of blue, white and gold throughout your decorations. This classic combination reflects the coastal aesthetics of the Hamptons while staying true to the traditional Christmas colors. From ornaments and garlands to throw pillows and ribbons, infuse your living room with these serene hues for a sophisticated and harmonious look.

    Fireplace – Coastal Christmas Garland

    The fireplace is often the focal point of any living room, and during Christmas, it becomes a natural gathering spot.

    Start by adorning the mantle with a lush Christmas garland made of fresh or faux greenery.

    Intertwine white lights to add a warm and inviting glow.

    Incorporate coastal elements like starfish and seashells to infuse the Hamptons charm. Consider placing white candles in hurricane lanterns for an extra touch of elegance.

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    Walls – Blue and White Christmas Wreath

    Extend the holiday magic to your walls by incorporating coastal-inspired Christmas art and wreaths. Opt for artwork that features beach scenes with touches of holiday cheer.

    Hang wreaths made of blue and white ornaments, complemented by pinecones and starfish. This not only adds visual interest but also ties the coastal theme seamlessly into your Christmas decor.

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    Corner Delight – Oh Christmas Tree

    Utilize corners in your living room to create cozy nooks filled with Christmas charm.

    Place your Christmas tree adorned with blue and white and gold decorations in one corner. Hang delicate seashell ornaments and twinkling lights for a touch of coastal magic.

    Drape a garland along the corner, and if space allows, add a comfy chair or cushions for a perfect reading or relaxation spot.

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    Tablescape Extravaganza

    Transform your coffee and side tables into festive displays of holiday joy.

    Start with a beautiful table runner in coastal colors like navy blue and crisp white. Incorporate tabletop trees adorned with starfish and seashell ornaments. Scatter pine cones and small potted plants around for a natural touch. Use baskets and wood trays as a base for a centerpiece. Consider placing candles in hurricane vases filled with white sand for a beachy ambiance.

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    Illuminate with Coastal Radiance

    No Christmas transformation is complete without the enchanting glow of lights.

    Elevate your Hamptons Christmas decor by incorporating a variety of lighting elements throughout your living room.

    Intertwine branches with delicate LED lights, creating a whimsical display that mimics the sparkle of stars against a coastal night sky.

    Hang string lights around the room, allowing them to cascade like gentle waves. For a more intimate ambiance, scatter battery-operated candles on tables and surfaces, evoking the warm flicker of candlelight without the worry of an open flame. Embrace the magic of the season by letting your living room bask in the soft and inviting glow of these carefully chosen Christmas lights.

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    Putting it All Together

    By blending the coastal elegance of the Hamptons with the festive spirit of Christmas, you can create a living room that is both stylish and warm. Embrace the charm of starfish, seashells, and the timeless combination of blue and white to craft a Christmas haven that captures the essence of the season and the coastal beauty of the Hamptons. May your holidays be filled with joy, warmth, and the soothing ambiance of a coastal Christmas retreat.

    You can find Christmas decor inspiration for your coastal Hamptons living room in this Pinterest board

  • How to Style a Hamptons Coffee Table

    In the world of interior design, the Hamptons style is synonymous with sophistication and coastal charm. It effortlessly marries elegance and relaxation, creating a space that’s both inviting and refined. One key element in achieving this coveted aesthetic is styling your coffee table to perfection.

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the art of styling a coffee table in true Hamptons style, from choosing the right table to displaying decor pieces with grace and poise.

    1. Choosing a Coffee Table in Hamptons Style

    Before you dive into styling, it’s essential to select a coffee table that embodies the Hamptons aesthetic. Here are some key considerations:

    Hamptons Style Coffee Table: To stay true to the Hamptons look, opt for a coffee table made from quality materials. Light or white-washed finishes evoke the breezy coastal atmosphere, while dark or medium-dark wood ensures nautical elegance. You can choose coastal craftsman style, a simple modern table or an antique piece.

    Shape and Size: The shape and size of your coffee table should align with the scale of your seating area. In Hamptons style, rectangular and oval tables are classic choices, but don’t shy away from a round table if it suits your space better. Ensure it’s proportionate to your sofa and provides ample room for both style and function. A rule of thumb to follow is that your coffee table should be around two-thirds the length of your sofa. This proportion creates visual balance and ensures that the table complements the seating area without overpowering it. Additionally, aim for a coffee table that is roughly the same height as your sofa for a cohesive look.

    Space Considerations: Adequate space between the sofa and the coffee table is essential for both functionality and aesthetics. Leave enough room for comfortable walking and seating. Typically, a distance of about 18 inches to 24 inches between the edge of the sofa and the coffee table works well. This space allows for easy movement and ensures that everyone can access the table comfortably.

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    2. Decor Elements for a Hamptons Coffee Table

    Now that you have the perfect coffee table, it’s time to adorn it with decor elements that capture the essence of the Hamptons. Here’s what to include:

    Decorative Items: Choose decor pieces that exude coastal elegance. Nautical-themed accessories like coral sculptures, seashell collections, or nautical gadgets are excellent choices. Antique objects like clocks, bowls, sculptures or picture frames in silver, gold or ceramic will add a traditional touch. Chinese ginger jars or ceramic boxes are a Hamptons staple. Opt for a cohesive color palette, sticking to soft blues, whites, and sandy tones to maintain the Hamptons vibe.

    Functionality Items: Maintain a clutter-free surface by incorporating functional elements like decorative boxes or trays. These serve as stylish storage solutions for remote controls, coasters, or even your favorite coffee table books. Choose classic style coasters, in white or natural wood for a nautical vibe.

    Greenery: Embrace the lush Hamptons landscape by adding a touch of greenery. Hydrangeas in a simple vase or a potted palm plant infuse your coffee table with a breath of fresh coastal air.

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    3. How to Display Your Decor Pieces

    Now the fun part. Styling a Hamptons-inspired coffee table requires careful arrangement for that perfect blend of elegance and ease:

    Rule of Three: Create visual harmony by adhering to the rule of three. Group decor pieces in threes, varying their height and size. For instance, you could place a stack of coastal-themed books next to a tall coral sculpture and a smaller seashell arrangement.

    Balance and Proportion: Maintain balance and proportion on your coffee table. If you have a large, eye-catching centerpiece, balance it with smaller items on the opposite side. Ensure there’s still ample space for practical elements like coasters or trays.

    Mixing Materials: Hamptons style thrives on mixing materials. Pair silver or chrome accents with natural rattan or jute textures. Experiment with juxtapositions like Chinese patterns on a porcelain vase set against a brass tray.

    Coffee Table Decor Layout Ideas

    To help you envision the possibilities, consider different layout ideas:

    1. Round Arrangement: Create a circular arrangement with a centerpiece, flanked by two smaller decor items. This layout promotes flow and conversation.
    2. Rectangular Composition: Divide your rectangular coffee table into zones. In one corner, place a vase with fresh flowers, while the opposite side can feature a coastal-themed vignette.
    3. Square Symmetry: For a square coffee table, opt for symmetrical arrangements. Place matching decor items on each corner, ensuring balance and a polished look.

    Putting It All Together

    Styling your coffee table in Hamptons style is a delightful blend of classic elegance and coastal relaxation. With the right table, a selection of decor elements that evoke the sea, and thoughtful arrangement, your coffee table becomes the centerpiece of your living space. It’s where sophistication meets comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere that truly embodies the Hamptons lifestyle.

  • How to Decorate a Hamptons Dining Room

    The Hamptons, with its timeless coastal allure, serves as a delightful muse for creating a dining room that exudes elegance and comfort. Whether you’re envisioning lavish gatherings or intimate family meals with a touch of Hamptons sophistication, this guide will lead you through crafting a Hamptons-style dining room.

    1. Hamptons Dining Room Furniture

    Hamptons Dining Room Sets:

    Begin with a classic dining room set. Choose wooden pieces and upholstered chairs mixing coastal living with antique elegance. Look for refined details like carved accents for that added touch of sophistication.

    Hamptons Dining Room Chairs:

    Dining chairs play a pivotal role in both comfort and style. Choose chairs with upholstered seats in soothing Hamptons hues like soft blues, whites, or light creams.

    Optional Bench Setting:

    For a relaxed dining experience, consider adding an optional bench alongside your dining chairs. A bench not only offers versatility but also enhances the room’s cozy and inviting atmosphere. Opt for plush cushions and a weathered finish to complement the Hamptons look. Just remember that when someone wants to get up…everyone has to move.

    Consider using chair and bench splicovers if you want to protect or update your existing ones for a Hamptons look. Opt for solid colors or classic patterns like stripes to capture the traditional Hamptons charm.

    2. Layout and Table Arrangement

    Hamptons Dining Room Table:

    Select a dining table that harmonizes with your space and desired seating capacity. Hamptons dining rooms often feature rectangular or oval tables in light, natural finishes, reminiscent of classic coastal style. If you want, you can choose a round pedestal table for a traditional look.

    Table Centerpieces:

    Keep centerpieces refined yet captivating. Consider arrangements of fresh, white flowers, like Hydrangeas or elegant candle holders or bowls with neutral candles. Incorporate elements like driftwood or coastal-inspired ceramics to subtly nod to the Hamptons coastal ambiance.

    3. Hamptons Dining Room Lighting

    Main Light Fixture:

    The main light fixture above your dining table is a crucial design element. Choose a chandelier or pendant light with brass, bronze, or polished nickel finishes. Opt for fixtures that feature clean lines and timeless elegance, enhancing the Hamptons aesthetic and illuminating your dining area with grace.

    The chandelier should be half and three quarters of the width or diameter of the table.

    Wall Lights:

    Wall-mounted sconces can further elevate the ambiance in your Hamptons dining room. These lights provide both functional and decorative illumination, casting a gentle glow that adds to the room’s intimate dining atmosphere. Consider adding wall lights on each side of a picture frame, picture gallery or mirror above a side table.

    4. Hamptons Dining Room Wall Decor

    Above the Buffet Table: The area above your buffet table offers an excellent opportunity for wall decor that complements the Hamptons theme. Hang a large, elegant mirror or a collection of coastal-inspired artwork. This adds visual interest and depth, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the room.

    5. Hamptons Dining Room Rugs

    Flat woven rugs in white, blue or natural fibers are classic coastal choices for a Hamptons dining room. Choose a rug size larger than the table and the chairs when pulled back. The area rug should cover the table and chairs when everyone’s sat.

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    Putting It All Together

    Incorporating Hamptons charm into your dining room invites both elegance and comfort. From the carefully chosen furniture to the captivating light fixtures, your dining space will epitomize Hamptons sophistication while offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

    Embrace the beauty of a Hamptons dining room, where elegance and relaxed dining coexist harmoniously, creating memorable dining experiences that capture the timeless essence of coastal living.

  • Built-in shelves with coastal decor

    How to Style Coastal Shelves in the Living Room

    Capturing the essence of the coast within your living room is now easier than ever, thanks to the magic of coastal shelves decor. These versatile and stylish decor elements allow you to infuse your living space with coastal charm while maintaining functionality.

    In this article, we’ll dive into the world of coastal shelves, exploring ideas and inspirations to elevate your living room decor.

    1. Embrace the Coastal Aesthetic:

    Before you embark on your coastal shelf styling journey, it’s essential to understand the coastal aesthetic. Coastal decor is all about bringing the outdoors in, with a focus on light, breezy colors, natural textures, and a relaxed atmosphere. When it comes to decor items, think soft blues, sandy beiges, and whites that mimic the hues of the ocean and the beach.

    2. Selecting the Right Coastal Shelves:

    Coastal wall shelves come in a variety of materials and designs, each offering its unique charm.

    For a classic timeless coastal look, opt for white shelves. If you like a rustic beach look, choose materials like reclaimed wood or distressed white wood. Open shelving is particularly popular in coastal decor, as it gives a sense of openness and airiness.

    3. Arranging Your Coastal Shelves:

    Before diving into decorating your shelves, consider the arrangement.

    Start by measuring the available wall space and planning where your shelves will be placed. Coastal decor often thrives on balance and symmetry, so ensure your shelves are evenly spaced and aligned. Nooks are a good place to add shelves, creating a built-in look.

    4. Decor Elements for Coastal Shelves:

    What kind of decor pieces can you use in coastal shelves?

    Glass Jars and Bowls with Seashells and Beach Treasures:

    Fill glass jars or bowls with an assortment of seashells, starfish, pebbles, sand and/or driftwood. These natural elements instantly bring the beach vibe indoors.

    Nautical Accessories:

    Incorporate elements like miniature sailboats, ship wheels, compasses or anchor sculptures for an authentic maritime feel. Especially if you want a classic or traditional coastal style, like the Hamptons.

    Coastal Art and Prints:

    Display framed artwork depicting seascapes, beach scenes, or coral motifs to create a visual connection with the coast. Use white or brass picture frames.

    Candles and Lanterns:

    Introduce soft lighting with coastal-inspired candles or lanterns, evoking the romantic glow of beach sunsets.

    Plants and Greenery:

    Enhance your shelves with potted succulents or faux tropical leaves to infuse life and vibrancy.

    Coastal Books and Trinkets:

    Stack books on coastal life, seafaring adventures, or marine biology alongside small decorative trinkets.

    5. Creating a Focal Point:

    Consider designating one shelf as a focal point by arranging larger items like a weathered ship model, a statement piece of driftwood, or a stunning piece of coastal artwork. This draws the eye and anchors the overall design.

    6. Color Harmony:

    Stick to a coherent color palette that aligns with coastal aesthetics. Soft blues, aquas, whites, and neutrals should dominate, with accents of sandy beige and muted greens to mimic the coastal environment.

    7. Balancing Simplicity and Decor:

    While it’s exciting to adorn your shelves with a variety of coastal elements, be mindful of not overcrowding the space. Embrace the less-is-more approach to ensure each piece stands out and contributes to the overall ambiance.

    8. Mixing Textures:

    Texture plays a crucial role in coastal decor. Combine different textures like weathered wood, smooth glass, rough rope, and even woven baskets to create visual interest and depth on your shelves.

    9. Changing with the Seasons:

    Coastal decor can easily adapt to the changing seasons. During summer, infuse more vibrant blues and beachy elements. In winter, opt for warmer hues and cozy accessories like cable-knit blankets.

    10. Incorporating Personal Touches:

    Make your coastal wall shelves truly yours by adding personal items that hold sentimental value. Whether it’s a shell collected during a memorable vacation or a beachside photograph, these touches infuse your space with your unique story. Who needs instagram when you have shelves to display your best coastal photos?

    Putting It All Together

    Coastal wall shelves are more than just functional storage; they’re an opportunity to transport your living room to the serene beauty of the coast.

    By selecting the right shelves, arranging them thoughtfully, and curating decor elements that resonate with the coastal aesthetic, you can create a space that exudes tranquility and seaside charm. With these ideas in mind, you’re well on your way to transforming your living room into a coastal haven that’s both stylish and inviting.

  • coastal white dresser with 4 gold frame pictures above it

    How to Style the Wall Above a Dresser?

    Styling the wall above a dresser and a sideboard lets you create a unique focal point that captures the essence of your coastal-inspired haven. This wall offers a wonderful opportunity to infuse personality and style into your space. If you’re captivated by the calming allure of coastal style, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore various ideas and strategies to style above a dresser (or sideboard, or console table) for that perfect coastal look.

    Let’s dive in.

    1. Embrace the Coastal Color Palette:

    One of the defining features of a coastal look is its soothing color palette inspired by the ocean, sand, and sky. Just by painting your bedroom walls in white or soft shades of blue and even adding wallpaper or shiplap you create a serene backdrop. As you style above your dresser, consider incorporating these colors into your decor elements and choosing colors that match the main tone of the room.

    2. What to Put Above a Dresser?


    A mirror it’s not only functional, especially in areas like an entryway or a bedroom, but it also adds dimension to your space, making a small space look larger and brighter, since it creats the illusion of a passage, and because it reflects natural light. So it’s a good solution for small areas like hallways, small foyers, and windowless areas.

    Opt for a large wall mirror, rectangular or round. As for the frame:

    For a classic coastal look: Whether it’s Hamptons, coastal grandmother or coastal french, ccoastal chic, hoose a polished white wood frame, or a brass or silver frame, to add elegance and luxury. Coordinate it with other decor pieces around the room, like picture frames, light fixtures, trays.

    For a beach, rustic or country coastal look: Choose a weathered or whitewashed frame to exude coastal charm, natural fibers or driftwood.

    For a modern coastal style: Choose simple lines and polish or glossy finishes. It can be brass, silver and even weathered wood, or a frameless mirror. This will create a sense of openness while maintaining a balanced aesthetic.

    Gallery Wall

    Craft a personalized gallery wall above your dresser, in the bedroom, foyer or living room, using a collection of coastal-inspired prints, pictures or framed seashells and other sea life.

    Create symmetry with a set of frames, and avoid the mix and match gallery wall trend which creates visual clutter. Remember: coastal style is simple, organized and serene. The key is to achieve a cohesive look, so choose frames with the same size and style and display them in an organized way, like a horizontal or vertical rectangle, a square or, if you want something different, a hexagon.

    To choose a frame, follow the suggestions above for the mirror.

    Coastal Wall Art

    Consider investing in a large canvas depicting a serene coastal scene.

    This could be a beach at sunset, waves gently lapping the shore, or a rowboat resting on the sand. You can find printable images online for free and paid that you can print in a large poster. If you’re artsy maybe you can paint something yourself.

    Such a focal piece instantly transports your mind to the seaside and sets the tone for the entire space.

    For the frame, again follow the same tips as for the mirror. But let’s talk about picture styles for different coastal looks.

    Classic Coastal (Hamptons or Coastal Chic):

    These images are available on Pexels

    Beachy, Rustic or Country Coastal:

    These are available on Pixabay

    Modern Coastal:

    Abstract background of bright blue color ink diffusing slowly in clear water on white background

    Nautical Wall Decor

    Nautical wall decor doesn’t have to be tacky. In fact, some nautical elements can look very classy and fit the classic coastal style and the traditional Hamptons look. Things like nautical gear (metal compasses and anchor miniatures, different nautical knots) displayed in one frame or gallery wall to keep it organized and focused can look very classic.

    Or a statement piece, like fish sculptures, a large compass, something that makes a focal point.

    Rope or Driftwood Decor

    This works best with beach, rustic,country coastal styles and can be DIYed. Incorporate natural textures like rope or driftwood into your dresser wall decor.

    Create a wall hanging using pieces of driftwood and rope. Or cover a cheap mirror with driftwood sticks, or rope. These elements not only add texture they create a coastal atmosphere.

    3. Width and Height to Style the Wall Above a Dresser

    How Wide Should the Wall Decor be?

    A good rule is that the composition (be it one piece or a gallery wall) is at least half the length of the dresser or sideboard; 2/3 of it and no wider than 3/4 of that length.

    So to get the minimum size, divide the length of the dresser by 2. To define the 2/3 multiply the length by 0.66 and to get the 3/4 multiply the same length by 0.75.

    Balancing Elements

    Achieving a coastal look involves finding a balance between decorative elements. If you’re going for a gallery wall, offset its complexity with a larger, simpler mirror or piece of art. Conversely, if you’re focusing on a statement piece, such as a sizable coastal painting, keep the surrounding decor minimalistic to let the artwork shine.

    Maintain Visual Symmetry

    For a polished look, maintain symmetry above your dresser. This symmetry creates a sense of order that is often associated with coastal design.

    Personal Touches

    Lastly, incorporate your own mementos from beach vacations, seashells you’ve collected, or photographs taken by the sea. These personal touches infuse your space with memories and a genuine connection to the coast.

    Putting It All Together:

    Styling above a dresser is an exciting opportunity to create a coastal oasis within.

    By incorporating mirrors, wall art, nautical accents, and natural textures, you can capture the calming essence of the seaside. Remember, the key to achieving a coastal look lies in the careful selection of decor elements, color palette, and maintaining a harmonious balance.

    With these ideas in mind, you’re well on your way to transforming your bedroom into a tranquil coastal haven that’s both stylish and soothing.

  • Coastal Wall Treatment Ideas: How to Transform Your Space with Elegance

    Creating a coastal-inspired haven within your home doesn’t stop at furniture and accessories – your walls play a vital role too. Coastal wall treatments offer a canvas for you to infuse the calming and breezy vibes of the ocean into your living space. From classic wainscoting to modern peel-and-stick wallpaper, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to coastal wall treatment ideas that will elevate your home decor.

    Coastal Wall treatment Ideas, shiplap coastal entryway

    1. Painted Elegance:

    Perfect for: Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms

    Paint is the simplest way to set the coastal tone.

    Opt for soft blues and crisp whites to evoke the essence of the sea.

    Hamptons-style interiors can embrace bold navy accent walls, while coastal farmhouse spaces can incorporate warm sandy tones.

    2. Traditional or Peel-and-Stick Wainscoting

    Perfect for: Dining Rooms, Hallways, Bedrooms

    Wainscoting instantly adds a touch of elegance and charm. For traditional coastal vibes, opt for white or navy wainscoting with a contrasting wall color or wallpaper above.

    A peel-and-stick option allows easy installation without commitment.

    Classic coastal homes can choose beadboard wainscoting, while Hamptons interiors can go for paneled wainscoting painted in crisp white.

    3. Wood Paneling & Shiplap:

    Perfect for: Living Rooms, Bedrooms

    Wood paneling and shiplap bring warmth and character. A blue shiplap wall can become a stunning focal point in a Hamptons-style living room, while classic coastal homes can incorporate white shiplap for a bright and airy ambiance. Coastal farmhouse interiors can use natural wood paneling for a rustic touch.

    4. Coastal Wallpaper Bliss:

    Perfect for: Bedrooms, Entryways

    Peel-and-stick coastal wallpapers offer a diverse range of options.

    Create a serene bedroom retreat with blue and white striped wallpaper reminiscent of the shoreline. Classic coastal homes can embrace subtle seashell or coral patterns, while Hamptons interiors can opt for sophisticated damask motifs in blue and white.

    Coastal bedroom, blue striped wallpaper

    5. Stylish Wall Art Galleries:

    Perfect for: Living Rooms, Hallways

    Curate a coastal art gallery with white or brass frames, showcasing ocean-inspired artwork and seascapes. Arrange them in a gallery wall for a chic touch.

    Classic coastal homes can incorporate elegant beach photography, while Hamptons interiors can feature nautical prints. Coastal farmhouse spaces can embrace rustic wooden frames.

    classic coastal gallery wall, hamptons gallery wall, coastal wall treatment ideas

    6. Coastal Accent Walls:

    Perfect for: Bedrooms, Living Rooms

    Choose one wall as your canvas to create a stunning focal point.

    Coastal blue peel-and-stick wallpaper can transform your bedroom into a serene retreat. Classic coastal interiors can opt for white beadboard as an accent wall, while Hamptons spaces can go for navy blue peel-and-stick wallpaper.

    Putting it All Together

    Coastal wall treatment ideas offer endless possibilities to infuse the tranquility of the coast into your home. Whether you prefer the classic coastal charm, Hamptons elegance, or the rustic allure of coastal farmhouse, these ideas will help you achieve a stylish and inviting ambiance. Embrace the serene elegance of coastal design and transform your space into a haven of relaxation and beauty.

  • A Dream Coastal Bedroom Makeover in a Rental

    When it comes to decorating a serene and inviting coastal retreat in your rented space, you don’t have to break the bank or make permanent changes. There are renter-friendly solutions for a coastal bedroom makeover.

    Giving your rental a coastal bedroom makeover without leaving a trace behind comes with some pitfalls, but with a little creativity and some strategically chosen products, you can give your bedroom a fresh and breezy coastal vibe that’s both renter-friendly and budget-conscious.

    In this guide, we’ll walk you through a series of simple yet impactful updates that will completely transform your space, from top down, without leaving a trace once it’s time to move out and how to work around common obstacles.

    Coastal Bedroom Makeover.

    Let’s start with 5 easier and cheaper solutions

    1. Painting the Walls

    Painting the walls is one of the easiest ways to update and completely change the look of your bedroom. It’s relatively cheap and it’s removable. So if you’re in for it, if your lease agreement or landlord allows it, or if you know for sure you can repaint the walls back when it’s time to move, it’s a great start for a coastal bedroom makeover. So get your paint roller!

    White Walls: A Blank Canvas for Coastal Vibes

    White walls are a staple in coastal design, and they serve as the perfect backdrop for your beach-inspired bedroom oasis. The beauty of paint is that it’s temporary and easily reversible.

    Choose a crisp, clean white paint to open up the space and reflect natural light. The best part? When it’s time to move, a fresh coat of your landlord’s preferred color will restore the original look (make sure you can find that color).

    Light Blue Walls: Bringing the Ocean Indoors.

    Blue is not only a coastal color, but also a calming and relaxing hue, making it well-suited for bedroom decor.

    However, if your bedroom doesn’t have lots of natural light, blue can darken the room, or at least you may not get that soft coastal look you’re aiming for. So, there are a few considerations to keep in mind if using light blue paint in a room with limited natural light:

    • Choose a light blue shade that leans towards a softer, muted tone rather than an extremely bright or pastel shade. Softer tones of light blue tend to work better in rooms with less natural light, as they create a more calming and soothing ambiance. A cool white, white with blue undertones or a blue almost white.
    • Avoid painting the entire bedroom blue. Paint the wall behind the bed with the blue tone as a focal point and the rest of the room crispy white. That way the white walls will reflect the light.
    • Test the Color: Before committing to painting the entire room or an accent wall, test a small area of the wall with the chosen light blue paint to see how it looks in different lighting conditions throughout the day. This will help you gauge if it achieves the desired coastal effect in your specific room. Do not overlook this.

    Coastal Wallpaper and Paneling

    Instead of painting the walls or an accent wall blue, you can use wallpaper for a more decorative look.

    Adding wallpaper as an accent wall or above a white wainscot can create a focal point that evokes the serene beauty of coastal landscapes. Opt for subtle and spaced patterns like thin stripes, tropical florals, and lines in muted blues, sand, or white.

    Two side notes:

    Don’t use wallpaper or paint an accent wall if the bedroom is too small or too busy. It can create a cluttered feeling. Also, don’t choose busy patterns.

    Wallpaper, whether traditional or peel-and-stick and self-adhesive, is not an alternative to painting the walls in the end. It’s a decorative alternative. This means that removing the paper when it’s time to move out will require you to repaint the walls, because the glue may chip the paint. So know the original color and how easy it is to find it.

    Norwall Stripe PrePasted Wallpaper

    Norwall Ticking Stripe Wallpaper

    Lillian August Luxe Haven Peel and Stick

    NextWall Jasmine Chinoiserie Peel and Stick

    Shiplap and Wood paneling: Seaside Charm, Even in a Rental

    Speaking about shiplap and wainscot, when aiming to bring a coastal ambiance into your rental bedroom, wood paneling (or faux wood paneling) can make your bedroom more cozy, classic, and coastal.

    Incorporating shiplap paneling, either as an accent wall or in strategic areas, can instantly infuse your space with the relaxed charm of coastal cottages.

    Cheapest Shiplap? Paint it till you make it: You can use wallpaper that mimics shiplap or you can paint black stripes with a marker and a ruler all over the wall to fake shiplap stripes.

    These cost-effective and removable solutions allow you to effortlessly transform your rental into a coastal haven.

    NextWall Stacy Garcia Home Faux Wood Panel Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    TriMold Peel and Stick Wall Trim

    Tempaper Beadboard Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    2. Give your Bed a Coastal Makeover

    The centerpiece of any bedroom is, of course, the bed. Just by decorating your bed in a coastal style you can create the seaside feel in your bedroom. Here are some easy updates:

    Bed Slipcovers: Effortless Elegance

    The easiest way to create a coastal bedroom is by updating the bedding.

    Opt for interchangeable bed slipcovers or a bedspread quilt. It can instantly change the color and texture of your bed, allowing you to embrace coastal hues and textures. Think soft blues, sandy beiges, and crisp whites to capture the essence of the ocean. Bed linens is something you will keep after moving, so invest in decent-quality duvet cover and quilt sets.

    Lush Decor Farmhouse Stripe Cotton

    Linen Market Duvet Cover Microfiber

    Safonory Quilt Bedspread Polyester

    Go a Step Further: Update the Bed with a Bed Skirt and a Headboard

    Enhance your bed appearance by adding a bed skirt, and a headboard.

    A bed skirt not only conceals any under-bed clutter, it also adds a touch of elegance.

    To make a statement, consider a removable headboard. Many headboards are designed to attach and detach easily, so you can add a touch of style without damaging the walls or bed frame.

    If your bed already has a headboard, but it doesn’t look too coastal, you can use a bed headboard slipcover.

    Choose white, sand, or blue (light blue for a seaside look and nautical blue for a traditional coastal style) and match the headboard and bed skirt colors for a cohesive look.

    Mantua Arcadia Headboard

    Flash Furniture Lexington Upholstered

    DUJUIKE Bed Headboard Cover Stretch

    Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt

    3. Update the Lighting: Let the Sun go Down

    It may not look like it, but changing the lighting fixtures for the right ones can make a big difference and immediately give a coastal vibe to the bedroom.

    Changing the lighting is something you can do without breaking any rules. Just make sure you store the original fixtures in a box so you can reinstall them later when it’s time to return the keys.

    By choosing the right lighting fixtures, and incorporating ambient and task lighting, you can create a cozy atmosphere that embodies the serene charm of the coast.

    Let’s shed light on how to illuminate your coastal bedroom oasis with style, functionality, and a renter’s consideration in mind.

    Not Wiring? No Problem: Add Battery Operated Lighting

    Battery-operated lights, bulbs, or LED strips offer an easy way to add a warm and inviting glow to your coastal bedroom with no wiring required. It’s a perfect solution for a bedroom, and any area of the house, rental or not, when you don’t have the right electrical wiring.

    You can find battery-operated wall sconces, picture lights, and strip LED lights, and you can even add a battery-operated bulb to any lamp and light fixture you want. That’s amazing!

    Best Coastal Style Lights

    Since light fixtures are also something you can keep after moving, invest in timeless coastal-style models.

    Wall Lights: Instant Nautical Vibe

    Adding wall sconces over the bed can instantly make the room look coastal.

    Whether you want a modern coastal bedroom, a Hamptons-style bedroom, or a classic or rustic coastal style, wall sconces can help achieve this look.

    For a modern style choose white ceramic uplights and for a nautical and rustic look choose brass, bronze, or black framed wallchieres or swing-arm sconces.

    Coastal Table Lamps:

    If you prefer table lamps, then clear glass, brass, bronze, or black metal frame, or white or soft blue ceramic table lamps with a white lampshade are the best choices for a coastal bedroom.

    Coastal Ceiling lights

    Replace that bland boob light with a coastal-style ceiling light. You can choose a brass, black, or bronze chandelier or pendant pagoda lantern, or even a wood bead chandelier. Alternatively, or to add depth and layers, add battery-operated LED strip lights around the edges of the ceiling. It will look especially amazing if the ceiling has a gap under the crown molding, that way you don’t see the strip.

    Bsmathom Wall Sconces Sets of 2

    Capital Lighting Modern Faux White Alabaster Glass

    JONATHAN Y Glass LED Lamp

    ALICE HOUSE Flush Mount Wood Bead Chandelier

    4. Coastal Decor: Bringing the Coast Indoors

    Accessories are the finishing touch that brings your coastal theme to life.

    Incorporating elements like seashell decorations, coastal-inspired artwork, coastal pattern throw pillows, white, blue, or sandy beach scented candles, clear glass jars, frames, and mirrors all in a coastal-style will complete the coastal bedroom makeover. These are 100% rental friendly and the options are almost endless.

    You can find inspiration and products for a coastal bedroom makeover in this article, and for a traditional Hamptons-style bedroom makeover see here.

    OIGUMR Wall Mirror

    SWTHONY Rattan Wall Decor Mirror

    Mkono Woven Storage Basket

    TideAndTales Ocean Theme Beach Wall Decor

    5. Update Window Treatments:

    Transforming your rental bedroom into a tranquil coastal haven extends to the windows as well.

    Update your window treatments with a touch of seaside charm.

    White Roller blinds

    Embrace the crisp and clean aesthetic with options like white roman or roller blinds, which brings a sense of elegance and versatility to the space. It’s simplicity effortlessly filter sunlight, creating a soothing ambiance reminiscent of a boat.

    Additionally, wood blinds can add warmth and character, creating a connection to coastal cottages and Hamptons vibe, since they imitate plantation shutters, a staple in Hampton’s homes.

    To infuse a hint of natural texture and a beach vibe, use bamboo roller blinds which adds an organic element that complements the coastal theme.

    If installing blinds is not your thing, consider using white linen or cotton thick curtains. All you need is a coastal-style curtain rod in the same metal color chosen for the rest of hardware and fixtures.

    With these varied choices, you can easily find the ideal window treatment that perfectly captures the serene coastal essence while staying within the boundaries of your rental arrangement.

    WindowLady Cordless Roman Shades

    100% Blackout Roller Window Shades

    Calyx Interiors Cordless Vinyl Mini Blinds

    100% Blackout Shield Linen Curtains

    Now, to the 2 trickier Coastal Bedroom Makeovers

    Now that we’ve talked about five easy and cheaper changes and updates you can do for a coastal bedroom makeover even in a rental, let’s discuss the two trickier upgrades. They are doable, but they can be more costly or more riskier.

    1. Update the Furniture: Choose Coastal White, But…

    Now this can be tricky if your rented space came furnished, and worse, with outdated or mismatched furniture. Been there and it was not easy to deal with. So what can you do?

    Contact Paper on Furniture: Is It a Good Idea?

    Let’s start with the most popular solution: contact paper. Here’s the thing…

    Does it come off easily?

    Contact paper is often promoted as the miracle solution to updating furniture and it always looks great, and we always assume it’s temporary – all we need to do is to peel it off when it’s time to put everything back, even if we have to use a hairdryer and a scraper. What can go wrong? Perfect, right?

    Well, let me say this from first-hand experience, and you’ll find other DIYers who have encountered the same problem: it can also be a total disaster.

    When it’s time to remove contact paper from furniture it can go three ways:
    a) Smoothly! Which is fine, perfect, great! That’s what we want!
    b) It can leave a sticky residue, which is a pain to remove, but with time, money, and patience it’s doable.
    c) Or...it can ruin the furniture irreparably!

    Almost all modern wood furniture is made of some material like plywood, MDF, or other composite and then foiled with a finishing wood veneer. With time, exposure to hot, cold, and moist, that foil can lose adherence in some places. Other times, the foil has a finishing coat too.

    Well, the contact paper glue can peel off that wood foil and varnish. And once it grabs a bit of the veneer, it only stops pulling it off when it wants to. You have no control over it. It’s a nightmare! And this damage is not fixable. It’s not varnish, it’s not wood filler…it’s an entire wood foil industrially applied that needs to be replaced.

    Does it look good?

    Another thing, but this can be a matter of personal taste, is that contact paper can give a cheap plastic look to the furniture and the room. Your guests may not see it, because they don’t know it’s paper, but it looks like plastic. It’s not wood, it’s not real, and it doesn’t have a natural wood warmth, texture and shine. It is fake and it looks fake. However, as a temporary solution, it’s not the worst idea.

    When is it safe(r) to use contact paper on furniture?

    If the furniture is made of natural wood, not foiled, coated, or finished in any way, or has a stone or ceramic top, the worst-case scenario is the sticky residue leftover from contact paper, but it will not damage the surface. If the wood chips a bit, you can repair it. Theoretically…

    So, be cautious. If you decide to use contact paper anyway, choose white and maybe faux white wood paper.

    Paint Furniture White: A Breath of Fresh Air

    A coat of white paint can work wonders. Whether it’s a nightstand, dresser, or even a chair, painting furniture white creates a cohesive, coastal, and airy feel. It makes such a difference in the light it brings.

    If your furniture belongs to the landlord, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can paint the furniture but if, and only if, it has a very smooth, glossy, lacquer finish.

    If so, and if only so, choose a water-based paint, test it first in a small hidden area without sanding the piece, or applying primer. Let it dry completely and then scrape it with a window scraper (which doesn’t scratch the surface) and water. If the paint comes off easily, you’re good to go.

    The lacquer finish is so glossy and hard that water-based paint doesn’t adhere well, especially without sanding and primer. The paint can get into little chips, crevices, and scratches which will be a bit trickier to remove, but we’re talking about little drops here and there. A brush can help wipe it off. It will, nevertheless, be time-consuming to remove the paint, but it can work. However, test it first and be cautious.

    If it’s your own furniture, go ahead. Painting it white is a great way to make it coastal! If you don’t have furniture you can buy it in thrift stores or second-hand for cheap and paint it white to create a cohesive and coastal look.

    Embrace the Wood Furniture

    I know this is not easy to do, but sometimes we have to let go of our expectations and work around what we have. Been there too. Fortunately, the coastal style has many variations to choose from.
    Hamptons, nautical, classic, and even cottage or farmhouse coastal styles allow wood color furniture. Dark or light. So it’s not the end of the world.

    If your bedroom has wood furniture in natural or dark colors, make it work with a coastal style by making the bedroom mostly white (white walls and light floor).

    Coastal Bedroom with wood furniture

    Update the Floor for a Coastal Lifestyle

    You can give your coastal bedroom a makeover from the ground up.

    Vinyl or PVC flooring (laminate, click-lock, peel-and-stick) is perfect for renters seeking a temporary flooring update. With its easy installation and removal process, you can achieve the look of hardwood or tile without the commitment.

    Consider opting for a light finish to complement the coastal theme. For a classic coastal or a country coastal look, you can choose dark wood.

    However, much like the contact paper, be careful with peel-and-stick solutions. It can damage the original floor. One safe option is to layer plastic sheets over the original floor, secure it with tape, and then add the peel-and-stick flooring over it.

    Traditional click-lock and floating floors are much safer because they are not glued to the ground.

    What if You Have Carpet Installed?

    Having to work around features we can’t change and didn’t choose can be challenging, and an installed carpet can be one of those things. But it’s not the end of the world. You can still have a coastal-style bedroom.

    Can you Install Floating Floor Over Carpet?

    Although installing laminate or peel-and-stick floor (not directly!) over carpet is not recommended, because the fluffy floor will cause dents and possibly break the laminate floor, there are people doing it and getting away with it as a temporary solution.

    Search on YouTube and you’ll find many tutorials for this. In many of those tutorials, they suggest adding plywood sheets over the carpet and then floating or peel-and-stick flooring on top. The thinner the carpet, the better.

    Can you have carpet floor in a coastal bedroom?

    If you don’t want to go the route above, which is understandable, your best option is to embrace the carpet flooring. But don’t worry.

    A carpet floor in a coastal bedroom may not seem compatible with a beach lifestyle, but it’s all a matter of mindset and shifting the focus away from it, with the right design choices, to create a cohesive and pleasing coastal atmosphere.

    Also, carpet floor in a coastal bedroom is not that uncommon and the colors are usually not so far from the coastal palette (carpet is almost always cream or white) so you can incorporate it in the coastal decor.

    Think about it: It’s like having a large rug under the bed, isn’t it? And isn’t a large expensive rug under the bed and nightstands something we like? It is. What about hotel rooms? Aren’t they almost always carpeted? They are. And we love hotel bedrooms, don’t we? We do.

    Layer a rug over the carpet

    If you still want to hide the carpet, for any reason, consider layering a rug over the existing carpeted floor; it’s a clever and creative way to minimize the visual impact of the original carpet. It also adds depth and texture to the room, enhancing its overall appeal.

    Coastal Bedroom with carpet flooring

    Putting it All Together

    Achieving a renter-friendly coastal bedroom doesn’t require permanent changes or a hefty budget.

    It has its pitfalls, but with the help of strategic updates and affordable products, you can create a coastal oasis that’s both inviting and in line with your rental agreement.

    Remember, the key lies in choosing removable and reversible elements that capture the essence of the coast without leaving a trace behind. So, embark on your bedroom transformation journey, and let the soothing waves of the ocean guide you to a serene and stylish sleep space.

  • dark wicker round table and armchairs with blue and white stripes and cream throw pillows

    Ultimate Guide to a Dream Hamptons-Style Outdoor Oasis

    The allure of the Hamptons lies in its timeless coastal elegance, evoking images of luxurious summer holiday homes and serene ocean vistas. Creating a Hamptons-style outdoor area is the perfect way to bring that classic coastal charm to your own home.

    So, in this article, we will guide you through essential elements needed to design your Hamptons-style outdoor space, suggesting Amazon products to bring your vision to life.

    Hamptons-Style Outdoor, porch, outdoor wicker armchairs, cream and light blue and white throw pillows, a wicker round side table with a vase with flowers

    1. Color Palette: Crisp White and Nautical Blues

    The foundation of the Hamptons style begins with a crisp white palette layered with calming nautical blues. Mix it with soft blues and light sandy colors to soften the look.

    Opt for outdoor furniture, decor, and accessories that embrace these classic coastal hues.

    hamptons style color palette inspo, crisp white, nautical blue, cream, gold, dark green

    2. Selecting Hamptons-Style Outdoor Patio Furniture: Comfort Meets Elegance

    Comfortable outdoor furniture is essential for a Hamptons-style outdoor area.

    Look for durable and stylish pieces that evoke a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, like wicker patio chairs and cozy sectional sofas which are easier to maintain than wood.

    Choose furniture in dark brown, dark grey, natural color or white.

    Rilyson Outdoor Loveseat

    Rilyson Outdoor Wicker Patio Chairs

    Aeiniwer XIZZI Patio Coffee Table

    3. Dining Area Furniture: Coastal Gatherings

    Create a coastal-inspired outdoor dining area with chic and practical furniture. Opt for a dining table that complements the Hamptons style and pair it with comfortable dining chairs to ensure your outdoor meals are enjoyed in coastal elegance.

    GUNJI 9 Pieces Patio Dining Set

    LAUSAINT HOME 7 Pieces Patio Dining Set

    Christopher Knight 7 Piece Acacia Wood Dining Set

    4. Hamptons-Style Outdoor Rugs: Coastal Underfoot

    Add a touch of coastal underfoot with nautical-inspired outdoor rugs.

    Look for navy blue and white striped patterns or natural fiber rugs that accentuate the Hamptons style. Here’s a selection of weather-resistant outdoor rugs available on Amazon, that perfectly embody the coastal Hamptons ambiance.

    JONATHAN Y Outdoor Rug

    Nicole Miller Patio Rug

    Nourison Essentials Indoor/Outdoor Rug

    5. Coastal Cushions and Pillows: Embrace Relaxation

    Enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your outdoor seating with coastal style outdoor cushions and pillows. Outdoor cushions are designed to withstand rain and heat.

    Mix nautical stripes, florals, traditional patterns like Fleur-de-lis, rope knots. Incorporate shades of blue, white, and soft pastels to mimic the colors of the beach and sea. Use nautical blues for added contrast and a traditional look, or keep soft hues only for a serene elegant coastal style.

    Hofdeco Premium Outdoor Pillow Cover

    Hofdeco Premium Outdoor Pillow Cover

    Hofdeco Premium Outdoor Pillow Cover

    6. Hamptons-Style Outdoor Curtains: Breezy Elegance

    Create a sense of intimacy and elegance by hanging sheer outdoor curtains. These flowing fabrics soften the space while adding a touch of beachy sophistication.

    7. Coastal Lighting Fixtures: Ambiance under the Stars

    Set a magical ambiance in your Hamptons style outdoor area with coastal-inspired lighting fixtures. Hang string lights or lanterns to create a warm and inviting glow during evening gatherings.

    Outdoor Pendant Light

    Outdoor Coastal Wall Lantern

    Solar Power Floor Lights

    8. Coastal Planters and Pots: Greenery by the Coast

    Infuse your Hamptons-style outdoor space with natural elements using coastal planters and pots.

    Opt for white, colors in classic coastal shapes to add a touch of charm or, instead, choose white or charcoal planters with clean lines if you want to achieve a modern Hamptons look.

    Pure Garden Planters Set

    Bloem Urn Planter

    Kante Concrete Planter (also white)

    9. Coastal Accents and Decor: Finishing Touches

    Complete your Hamptons style outdoor oasis with carefully chosen coastal accents and decor. Think seashells, lanterns, candles to infuse the space with coastal character.

    AMMSUN 7ft Patio Umbrella

    Rattan Serving Tray

    Citronella Candles China Tin

    Citronella Candles Gold Tin

    Putting it All Together

    Designing a Hamptons style outdoor area is all about embracing the timeless coastal charm with a touch of sophistication.

    Embrace the crisp white palette, nautical blues, and natural elements to create a captivating coastal retreat right in your backyard. With a curated selection of Amazon products, you can effortlessly create a coastal-inspired oasis that exudes comfort and elegance. Whether it’s choosing comfortable outdoor furniture, the perfect coastal decor, or adding the finishing touches, Amazon offers a diverse range of products to help you design your dream Hamptons style outdoor space.

  • Get the Look: Hamptons Style Home Office

    In a previous post – design a Hamptons Style Home Office – we talked about guidelines, key elements, and some options to decorate your workspace in a Hamptons or coastal-chic style.

    In this article, we’re going to totally decorate a small home office in a Hamptons-style from top to bottom. From the foundation to the decor pieces, we’ll give you everything you need to totally decorate a small home office corner or room in a Hamptons-style or traditional coastal as inspiration for your coastal home office renovation.

    So, let’s dive in!

    Decor Ideas: Hamptons-Style Home Office #1


    You can skip this part and jump to the furniture choices, if you don’t need or wish to update these elements.

    White Walls and Ceilings:

    As with any coastal style, pure-white walls are the best option, especially in small apartments, because white opens and brightens a space, it’s coastal and functional.

    Also, pure white wall paint is relatively easy to find. You can find it in most home improvement stores, paint supply retailers and even online, as many paint brands offer this classic shade.

    However, when selecting paint, it’s essential to consider its quality and how it can affect the final result. Opting for a high-quality paint brand ensures better coverage, durability, and a more consistent finish. Cheaper paints may require multiple coats to achieve the desired opacity and they might not provide the same level of long-lasting performance (been there…sigh). It’s worth investing in quality to ensure your walls have a smooth, flawless appearance, are easier to paint, and stand the test of time.

    Wallpaper and Wainscotting

    If the room has enough light, adding wallpaper and wainscotting will add interest and coziness to the area.

    If you can’t install real wood paneling there are peel and stick alternatives like the one below. And if you don’t want wallpaper, you can paint the stripes with a soft blue paint, using masking tape to create the stripes. Coastal stripes and a white wainscotting make the room super cute, fresh and elegant.


    Dark wood flooring adds warmth and class to the room. A great option is click-clock vinyl planks. However, as a cheaper alternative or as a temporary removable solution peel-and-stick vinyl flooring is a better choice, however keep in mind that it’s thinner and less resistant.

    Peel and Stick Chair Rail Molding
     Price not available See on Amazon
    Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Hampton Blue)
     Price not available See on Amazon


    White plantation shutters are a must in a Hamptons-style home.

    If you can invest in it, opt for custom-made shutters. Not only it will look amazing, it’s the real thing! However, we all know it can be expensive, so you can choose faux wood flat slat blinds or zebra blinds (made of polyester fabric). For a cozier look, choose fabric roman shades instead.

    Real Thing:

    Suncraft shutters (Custom made, price vary)

    Alternative 1:

    Faux Wood Blinds

    Alternative 2:

    Zebra Blinds

    Office Furniture for a Hamptons Style Home Office

    Hamptons Style Home Office decor. A pair of brass wall lights, gold wall frames, a china table lamp, a navy throw pillow, a wooden desk organizer, an upholstered cream chair, a wood office desk, a blue throw blanket, a white coastal cabinet, a blue rug, dark wood vinyl floor, a basket

    Now that we have the base, let’s add the essential pieces of a Hamptons-Style home office: desk, chair, and storage.

    Use as many bookcases as you need to cover a small wall or a niche. You can add crown molding around the edges if you want to fake a built-in or blend the built-in units beautifully.

    For this look, we chose this beautiful wood desk. It has a great color and beautiful antique hardware. It’s classic, simple, and fits perfectly in a Hamptons office. Then we chose a comfortable upholstered chair in white fabric to compliment the traditional, luxurious coastal look.




    Hamptons Style Home Office Lighting

    It’s important to have enough light to work and to add layers for different tasks. We’ll need a ceiling light, a desk lamp for long work nights and some wall sconces for extra light and warmth. Additionally, light up the bookcase with under cabinet lights so you can find all your things when working at night or on cloudy days.


    Adust Battery Operated


    goodland Under Cabinet

    Hamptons Style Home Office Decor

    With the main elements in the room, it’s time to decorate our Hamptons home office.


    Adding textiles like a throw pillow, a throw blanket for those coastal cold nights, and a rug to land your feet on a fluffy surface will add comfort and warmth to the home office. We’re choosing fabrics in navy blue to create the coastal and nautical ambiance of a Hamptons home.

    Menu Losaria



    Need lower priced alternatives?

    Alternative: Booque Valley

    Alternative: Fashion Throw

    Home Office Coastal and Nautical Decor

    It’s always good to be surrounded by pretty images, landscapes, and objects that send us to the seaside, so we need to add some pictures of the ocean and nautical and coastal decor.

    A small gallery with gold frames elevates the look. For the images, you can buy prints, print your own pictures, or print images that you can find online for free.

    Decorate the desk and the bookcase with coastal and nautical decor pieces, like this beautiful boat model or this useful adjustable nautical magnifying glass.

    LaVie Home 

    Dedoot Sailboat Model

    Marine Nautical

    Hamptons Style Home Office Supplies

    Now we need office supplies that fit the Hamptons style. Let’s mix natural fibers, like storage baskets and trays with gold or silver pieces.

    Flexzion (Wooden Desk Organizer)

    Outus (Office Supplies Kit)

    Best Choice Products Set Of 4 Seagrass Baskets

    Extra Decor Details

    If you have space in your home office, you can add more pieces for comfort and style.

    For instance, place an ottoman near the bookcase so you can sit and read. Extra points if it has storage. You can also add a floor lamp next to the ottoman. Also, consider putting a laundry basket in a corner to store the throw blanket and pillow when you’re not using it. Consider adding indoor plants to bring a touch of nature and freshness into your space.



    Marine Nautical

    Putting it all together

    A well-decorated home office is not just a place to work; it’s a reflection of your ambition, dedication, and commitment to creating a harmonious work-life balance.

    The journey through this complete inspirational home office decor guide in Hamptons style has taken us on a delightful exploration of the elements that make up a truly stunning and functional workspace within the comfort of your own home.

    By incorporating the timeless elegance and coastal charm of the Hamptons style, we have discovered how to create a home office that not only enhances productivity but also envelops you in a serene and inviting ambiance.

    Whether you have a dedicated room or a small corner in your living space, the decor in this guide can be adapted to suit your specific needs and constraints. With careful planning, attention to detail, and a touch of creativity, you can transform your home office into a haven of productivity and inspiration.

    Hope you liked it.

  • Chic coastal wall gallery with a upholstered cream bench and blue throw pillows

    Transform Your Space with Stunning Hamptons Wall Decor Ideas

    When it comes to interior design, the walls of our homes are blank canvases waiting to be transformed into works of art. In the world of home decor, Hamptons style has gained immense popularity for its timeless elegance and coastal charm. One key aspect of achieving the Hamptons look is through thoughtfully curated Hamptons wall decor.

    In this article, we will delve into the art of Hamptons wall decor and discover how it can elevate your space with style and personality. From choosing the right artwork to incorporating unique design elements, we’ll explore various techniques, tips, and creative ideas to help you create a stunning Hamptons-inspired wall display that captures the essence of coastal allure.

    Chic coastal wall gallery with a upholstered cream bench and blue throw pillows

    *Living Buy Coastal is Amazon associates, so if you end up buying from the links below we get a small fee.
    By clicking the product images you’ll be taken to Amazon’s page to get all the info about them

    The Art of Hamptons Wall Decor: Adding Style and Personality

    What is Hamptons Style?

    Before diving into the world of Hamptons wall decor, it’s essential to understand the essence of Hamptons style. Characterized by its elegant and relaxed coastal aesthetic, Hamptons style draws inspiration from the affluent beachside communities of the Hamptons in New York. It embraces light, airy spaces, a neutral color palette, and natural textures.

    Embracing Simplicity and Sophistication:

    At the core of Hamptons-style is the idea of simplicity and sophistication.

    The walls serve as a backdrop to showcase curated artwork and decorative elements that reflect the coastal-inspired ambiance. The goal is to create a harmonious and cohesive look that exudes elegance and serenity.

    Choosing the Right Artwork for a Hamptons Wall Decor

    Embracing Coastal Themes:

    When selecting Hamptons wall art for your decor, consider pieces that reflect coastal themes.

    Seascapes, beach landscapes, sailboats, and seashells are popular choices that instantly evoke the coastal and nautical vibe. Opt for wall art with soothing color palettes and a sense of tranquility. You can either buy prints, print free photos or print your own photos. All you need is the right frame.

    Craig Frames

    Kate and Laurel

    Kate and Laurel

    YOMEAN (Beach Posters)

    Color Play (prints unframed)


    Incorporating Nautical Elements into your Hamptons Wall Decor:

    Nautical elements can add a touch of maritime charm to your wall decor. Look for artwork featuring anchors, ships, or navigational charts. Vintage maps and framed sea-related objects, can also make eye-catching focal points.

    Poster Foundry

    Lone Star Art (handmade)

    Lone Star Art (handmade)

    Creative Ways to Display Hamptons Wall Decor

    Gallery Walls:

    Create a stunning focal point by curating a gallery wall. For a classy look do not mix and match different sizes and frame styles. Instead use matching frames, create symmetry and balance space between the frames. Use it to show artwork, photographs, or decorative objects and stick to a cohesive color palette. Experiment with various layouts and arrangements to find the perfect balance.


    LaVie Home


    Statement Pieces:

    Make a bold statement by featuring a single large-scale wall art or a statement mirror as the centerpiece of your wall decor. This approach creates a striking focal point that captures attention and sets the tone for the entire space. Choose a piece that reflects your personal style and complements the overall aesthetic.

    Nagina International

    Creative Co-op

    Lotus International

    Shelving and Decorative Objects as Hamptons Wall Decor:

    Go vertical. Introduce functional and decorative accessories to your wall decor by incorporating shelving, like bookcases. Display books, vases, decorative plates, or other curated objects that complement the Hamptons style. Use crown molding or decorative brackets to add an extra touch of elegance.

    Design Tips and Techniques for a Hamptons Wall Decor

    Layering and Depth:

    Create visual interest and depth by layering different elements on your walls.

    Combine framed artwork with mirrors, decorative objects, and even wall sconces. Play with varying heights and textures to achieve a dynamic and visually appealing display.

    Balance and Proportion:

    Maintain balance and proportion in your wall decor arrangement. Consider the size of your walls and the surrounding furniture when selecting and placing artwork. Aim for a symmetrical arrangement that complements the overall space without overwhelming it.

    Lighting Considerations:

    Pay attention to lighting when showcasing your Hamptons wall decor. Use ambient lighting, such as overhead fixtures or wall sconces, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider adding picture lights or accent lighting to highlight specific artworks or focal points.

    Adust (Battery Operated)

    LUXSWAY (Battery Operated)

    Goodland (wireless cabinet lights)

    Putting it All Together

    Hamptons wall decor is an art form that allows you to infuse style and personality into your living space. By understanding the essence of Hamptons style, choosing the right artwork, exploring creative display ideas, and implementing design tips, you can create a visually captivating wall display that exudes elegance, sophistication, and coastal charm. So, unleash your creativity and transform your walls into captivating works of art that reflect your unique taste and enhance the beauty of your Hamptons-inspired interior.