3 Beautiful Coastal Console Table Decor Ideas

Coastal style exudes an air of relaxed sophistication and timeless charm. This style effortlessly combine coastal hues, natural textures, and elegant accents to create spaces that evoke the soothing serenity of the sea. If you’re looking to infuse coastal elegance into your home, the console table is a fantastic place to start.

Console tables provide a blank canvas, ready to be adorned with carefully chosen decor elements that encapsulate the essence of coastal living. Whether you’re aiming for a breezy beachside look or a classic Hamptons feel, we’ve curated five distinctive console table decor ideas, and the best part is that everything you need can be found on Amazon.

We already talked about how to style a console table in detail here for a coastal look, briefly here and here for a Hamptons style. But here we’re giving you ready to apply (and easy to buy) ideas.

In this article, we’ll explore three distinct themes, each capturing a different version coastal design, with everything you need to style the console table:

  • Coastal Chic
  • Modern Coastal
  • Coastal Country or Coastal Farmhouse

So, let’s dive in and discover how to elevate your coastal decor with these stunning console table styling ideas.

1. Coastal Chic Console Table Idea

Coastal chic decor is a timeless favorite that effortlessly blends classic beauty with a fresh coastal feel. This style embodies the serene allure of coastal living, combining a white palette with subtle touches of gold to create an ambiance that’s both elegant and inviting.

If you’re drawn to the idea of infusing your living space with coastal chic charm, then this console table idea is tailor-made for you.

Items used:

Elegant white console table with drawers: Let’s start with the console table itself. If you’re using it in the entryway, choose a table with drawers. It’s perfect to drop your sunglasses, keys and other items when you get home. This console table is very elegant and light.

A pair of ceramic White Table Lamps: Then add two ceramic white lamps with a touch of gold, one on each side of your console table. If you don’t have plugs near the table, replace the bulb with these rechargeable light bulbs.

A stack of white faux books: Next, we’ve got a stack of white books. But here’s the twist – they’re not just books; they’re clever storage boxes that add some height, more storage and a touch of sophistication.

Faux Flowers in a clear glass vase: On top of these faux books, place a clear vase with lifelike faux calla lilies, for example, that adds a bit of nature to the mix and doesn’t need maintenance.

A white wooden box and Coastal Decor: A small white box (if it’s discontinued, here’s an alternative) keeps your keys and coins tidy. And to make things even more interesting, we’ve included a delightful fish sculpture. It’s coastal, right?

A classy Golden Mirror: A stylish rectangular gold frame mirror graces the wall above the console table, completing the coastal chic look. You can replace the mirror with one large coastal picture or gallery wall in a golden frame, just ensure that the chosen artwork or composition is larger than half the length of the console but not exceeding 2/3 of it.

Three Baskets: Under the console table, add three coastal blue and white rope baskets to store beach towels and other beach gear.

Make sure the objects fit your console table. You can use only one table lamp if you don’t have room for the pair.

2. Modern Coastal Console Table

Modern Coastal Console Table Idea

For our second console table idea, we’re embracing modern coastal vibes. This style is all about clean lines, a crisp white-and-blue palette, and simple yet striking decor. Let’s dive into the details of this fresh look.

Items Used:

White and Blue Striped Table Lamps: We’ve chosen a pair of these lamps to place on either side of your console table. They bring in that classic coastal color combo – white and blue. However, you can switch one out for a vase if you prefer.

A Wood Riser (or White Variation): Elevate your decor with a wooden riser. We’ve gone for a darker wood to create contrast, but you can opt for the white version if it suits your taste better.

Ceramic Fish Sculpture: This white and blue ceramic fish sculpture adds a playful touch of the ocean to your setup. Its clean lines fit perfectly with the modern coastal theme and evokes the mediterranean vibe.

Electric Wax Melter: Here’s a functional and aesthetic addition. This melter can also burn scented oils, setting a relaxed coastal ambiance with fragrances like sea breeze or salty air.

White Textured Ceramic Vase: This vase resembles coral, but you can choose any other white, polished ceramic vase that matches the style. It’s an ideal piece to bring coastal textures into your design.

White and Blue Abstract Paintings: Adorn the wall above your console table with a pair of abstract paintings. They evoke the calming colors of the ocean and add a modern touch. If you prefer a mirror choose one with white frame, like this

White Rope Baskets: Under your console table, you’ll find three white rope baskets. These are perfect for storing beach towels, keeping your space organized and beach-ready.

This modern coastal console table idea combines contrasting colors, simple lines, and coastal elements to create a space that’s both chic and relaxing. Let’s explore how to put it all together on your console table.

3. Coastal Farmhouse Console Table Idea

Rustic, country, cozy and textured with a pinch of class.

This coastal farmhouse console style idea combines rustic elements, classic white furniture, and coastal decor to create a cozy, inviting space. Now, let’s see how to arrange these pieces for a cohesive and stylish look on your console table.

Items Used:

Rustic White Console Table with Drawers: Start with a rustic white console table featuring small drawers. This piece anchors the style, offering both functionality and aesthetics.

Wooden Table Lamp (Optional Pair): Illuminate your space with wooden table lamps. You can choose to use one or two, depending on your preference for lighting and symmetry and the space available.

Coastal Decor Fish Sculpture: Add a touch of coastal charm with a decorative fish sculpture. This piece brings in the coastal theme while maintaining the rustic ambiance.

Rotating Rustic Wood Frame: We’ve selected a rustic wood frame that can hold three pictures on each side, giving you a total of six rotating images. This dynamic piece adds a personal touch to your decor. Showcase your best family beach photos.

Clear Glass Vase with Faux Real Touch Calla Lilies: Incorporate some coastal elegance with a clear glass vase filled with faux real-touch calla lilies. It’s a delightful nod to the coastal flora.

Woven Baskets: Underneath the console table, you’ll find three woven baskets. They offer both storage for your beach towels and contribute to the farmhouse aesthetic.

Bottom Shelf Decor: The bottom shelf of your console table is an ideal spot for decor. Here, we’ve placed a chopped wood tray where you can put small pots with succulents and a pair of white ginger jars. These accents tie the coastal and farmhouse elements together.

Click on the images to find out all about the items. Make sure the sizes fit your console table and wall space.

Putting it All Together

In this blog post, we’ve explored three beautiful coastal console table decor ideas, each offering its unique charm and style. Whether you prefer the sophisticated Coastal Chic, the sleek and modern Modern Coastal, or the rustic elegance of Coastal Farmhouse, you can easily transform your console table into a stunning coastal focal point. These carefully curated Amazon products provide endless possibilities for creating the coastal-inspired space of your dreams. So, go ahead, get creative, and infuse your home with the relaxed, serene, and inviting atmosphere of the coast. Happy coastal decorating!

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