The Hamptons Home Style

What is a Hamptons Home Style?

The Hamptons home style is a very popular and timeless variation of the Classic Coastal Style.

Everything about it is classic: the furniture, the house features, the patterns, and the decor objects, but mixed with more contemporary pieces and lines. This is the place where New York upper class got their weekend refuge, borrowing classic elements from traditional Europe, mixed with a Marina lifestyle, and classic American features.

How to create the Hamptons home?

Hamptons Home Style Color palette

Base color: White

As with any coastal style, the base color is white: White walls, white windows, white plantation shutters, white wood panels, and white window treatments.

However, since the Hamptons is a traditional and more formal style, instead of pure white you can use a warm shades of white to create a cozy, classic, and inviting atmosphere.

Just be careful when choosing a paint, because the undertones can have very different results from what you expect or see in the sample or the catalog. Depending not only, but also, on the outside colors and sunlight exposure (i.e. greenery will cast a green shade that can create a muddy effect when blended with a warm wall tone – trust me…; and even light shades can easily get too beige if the room isn’t facing the sun, which can take the breezy bright vibe away).

Accent colors


Navy and ashy blue are a must-have in a Hamptons’ home.

The best blue shade to use in Hampton’s decoration depends on your personal preferences, but while the Australian version uses mostly light blues, the original Hamptons takes inspiration from traditional English style, therefore, using royal and navy blues, which also evoke the deep blue waters of a marina lifestyle. Sticking to soft and muted blues or navy blue will help create a cohesive and timeless Hamptons style. Take the blues from the classic ginger jars and ceramic China lamps so typical of the Hamptons homes and go from there.

Cream, sand

Creamy, sandy tones create a comfortable and inviting living space. When paired with blue against a white canvas it adds sophistication and class to the room.

Cream shades work well in all areas of the home.
Use it on the sofa or accent chairs, in the headboard and bed frame to create a serene and peaceful space and add a touch of warmth to the room. The rule is to not overuse it and break it with white and blues hues.

The main look of the room should feel bright and white with blue accents to add interest, and creamy sandy beige to warm that brightness. So choose very soft cream shades to make it subtle and light. If you use shades that are too dark or if you use it too much, you’ll get a bland space.


What other color screams sun, wealth, and luxury? It’s rich, it’s warm, it’s elegant, and adds class to any home. Add golden accents, such as in picture frames, light fixtures, hardware, and small details in lamps, and vases, to add a subtle touch of glamour and warmth.
Very small doses are just enough to make the room shine with class without looking tacky.


Instead of gold, in some cases, you can choose black. But only in very small doses such as furniture hardware, lanterns, ceiling lights, or some cast iron furniture. Black tones down the luxury vibe that you get if you use gold making the space more rustic.
Use it only in these small little touches, because too much black can create a heavy, industrial, dark atmosphere, so it’s best to use it as an accent rather than as a dominant color or material.

Hamptons style color guide inspiration; blue sea, blue hydrangeas, a boat; sand, boat, dry beach grass, gold and wood timber with brush strokes of blues, beige, taupe, green and gold

The Hamptons Home Style Staples

Plantation shutters!

This definitely Hamptonizes a coastal home. It’s an American staple and adds that hot summer rustic touch to a home and tones down the traditional look.

Molding, wood panels, shiplap, and wainscoting.

These traditional features add texture and class to a space. Wainscoting is a great way to add architectural interest to a room. Wood panels can be used to create a statement wall, adding a natural element to the space. Shiplap can be used to create a beautiful and rustic feature wall or accent piece. Add trim and molding to shelves, cabinets, around doors, and windows to create a classic.

When paired with neutral colors, these design elements can create a bright and airy feel that is reminiscent of the beachy charm that the Hamptons are known for.

French doors

They’re not only elegant, but because of their glass panels, they allow natural light to flow between rooms. French doors are commonly used as an entryway to a patio, garden, or balcony, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, but can also be used as interior doors to separate rooms while maintaining an open feel.

Sloped Ceilings with exposed beams.

Sloped ceilings are another common design feature in Hamptons homes. These ceilings can be found throughout the house. They add height and open the space. Sloped ceilings can provide an opportunity to incorporate interesting lighting fixtures or decorative features such as exposed wood beams or shiplap paneling.


The Hamptons are about traditional homes, so dark to medium-dark wood flooring and some pieces of antique furniture in wood tones will add that classy and warm feeling of a historical home while also evoking the nautical side. Alternatively to a dark floor, you can brighten up the space with white wood flooring.

The Hamptons Style Furniture

Upholstered furniture

Large upholstered furniture provides both comfort and style, making it a choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

It’s a great choice for bed headboards, armchairs, and ottomans. Choose resistant fabrics like cotton or linen, soft and resistant.

Furniture Style

Choose furniture with simple lines and some soft curves, and mix it with antique pieces, that have more details, like turned legs or small drawers, for instance.

Furniture colors

Main furniture: white

The big main pieces of furniture should be white with black hardware (for a rustic and nautical look), bronze or gold (for a classic luxurious feel).

Shelving around the fireplace or in an isolated wall should be white, preferably recessed, to neatly expose glass, ceramic objects, and a seashell here and there. Neatly!

Accent furnitureclassic dark wood

As mentioned in the beginning, much of the furniture in the Hamptons’ decor is inherited from a classic style. Dark wood classic pieces an elegant European touch to the home. But you can use classic American furniture that also has that elegant classic look. But you can use classic American furniture that also has that elegant classic look.
Dining tables, chairs, armchairs, a side table, and maybe add a beautiful classic piece you may have, like a showcase cabinet, a bureau desk, or a chest of drawers, something unique and classy.

Entry in a classic the hamptons home style; antique desk; blue rugs and white entry door


White-Blue Ginger Jars. The iconic Hamptons trademark is used as jars or table lamps.

Rattan trays and baskets. You can expose ginger jars in rattan trays (looks great).

Classic silver objects, like trays, tea sets, or other beautiful silver collections

Glass or crystal licorice bottles, boxes and bowls.


Flowers and stripes. Also nautical printings like ropes, chains, and anchors. The simpler and more elegant the better.
The best coastal look and Hamptons. They do add that beach simple vibe to any home. But because of the Hamptons’ nautical influences (harbors, docks, marinas), you can add these references in small amounts. There are classic tasteful anchors, steering wheels, chains, and rope patterns that you can use, but don’t overdo it. You want your home to be classy, timeless, and breezy, not a sailor-themed home.

Putting it all together

Now that you know the basic features of a classic Hamptons Home, you can play around to fit your space and your preferences. You can add contemporary items, see how things you already have can be incorporated into the space, and play around with the colors to get the Hamptons’ vibe. It’s a fine balance between antique and contemporary with coastal elements.

Get the Hamptons Style for different rooms

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