Hamptons Style Living Room – Guide

The Hamptons Style Living Room

The Hamptons Style Living Room is elegant, classic, tidy and clean. It balances traditional with contemporary blended with a coastal style. It’s the place to relax and entertain family and friends and where we really can show off our beautiful home style.

So, how to get the Hamptons style in your Living room?

light fabric sofa set in a Hamptons Style Living room

The Hamptons Style Color Palette:

White and Off white

White makes a room bright and light and it’s a go to coastal color.

However, since the Hamptons is a classic style, off white is also a good choice to create a more traditional space. Not too dark, though, but light creamy shades.

In case of using off white with creamy undertones on the walls, remember to always check how the paint will end up in that room, because the shadows, the sunlight orientation may change the result and make it too dark, too old, too muddy.


Blue is a typical coastal color so the Hamptons style could not miss it.

Ashy darker tones, like navy or indigo, adds a nautical, royal, classic touch to a Hamptons room.

While a very light washed blue creates a clean softer look. You can use light blue in throw pillows or the sofa and upholstered chairs. Also pictures and paintings of the beach and ocean can add those blue touches here and there.

Sand, browns and gold

As mentioned above, off white colors like creamy undertones create classic vibe, but sand colors and the brown from rattan, wicker, wood and gold will add the coastal touch to the room.

Choosing a Hamptons Style sofa

The sofa is the main piece of a living room. It’s that piece that sets or breaks the style, therefore you need a Hamptons style sofa.

It can be more contemporary, transitional or more traditional, but opt for simple soft lines. If you want traditional, don’t go overboard, if you prefer more contemporary avoid harsh lines.

Also choose a sofa fully upholstered or with a skirted slipcover which is a staple of the classic coastal style.

Since it’s a coastal home, choose resistant fabrics like cotton or linen in white, sand or blue color

Armchairs or Ottomans

If you have space or if you don’t have enough space for two sofas, add a pair of upholstered ottomans or armchairs.

They don’t need to matchy match the sofa, but they should be similar, either by picking the same fabric, the same tone and color or the same style.

Fabric Patterns for a Hamptons Style Living Room

Solid or Stripes

Too many solid colors makes a space bland and boring.

To add interest, throw pillows, an ottoman or the armchairs can have stripes. Thin or large.

Stripes are a great way to give the coastal carefree look to a home and white or cream with blue stripes is a staple in a Hamptons home.


You can also mix floral motifs in the throw pillows. After all, ginger jars, a Hamptons staple piece, have floral motifs. Same goes for the rug.

Hamptons Style Rugs

Speaking about it…what’s the best rug for a Hamptons living room?

Any coastal style rug will do: jute, white, light ashy blue or gray, or, if it doesn’t overwhelm the space, a Persian blue and white rug.

Hamptons Style Living Room Furniture

Now that you have the center piece – the sofa and maybe a pair of armchairs or ottomans let’s talk about the rest of the furniture. Always remember to choose simple lines, whether traditional or contemporary. If traditional, don’t over do it.

  • Coffee table
  • Side tables
  • Sideboard
  • Shelves
  • Antique pieces (bureau desk, armchair, a sideboard, coffee or side table…)

Wood Furniture color:


Satin white wood furniture makes the living room light and coastal

Dark to medium dark wood


If you have an antique piece with a beautiful dark or medium dark wood you don’t need to paint it.

As long as the rest of the living room is white and light a beautiful vintage piece is more than welcomed.

This can be the armchair,

Hamptons style Lamps and lampshades

Table lamps base:

Large ceramic or glass lamps it’s classic and very Hamptons.

Ceramic lamps can be solid white, with blue, gold or sand stripes, and of course, the classic ginger jar base lamp.


White color. Simple shape, either round, empire or square.

Ceiling light:

If you need a ceiling lamp, choose one with black, bronze or a gold metal frame, like a lantern or a simple chandelier.

Here’s a sample of lamps for your Hamptons Living Room.

Hamptons Style Living Room Accessories

Now that you have the main big pieces it’s time to accessorize.

Follow the Coastal and Hamptons guide:

  • Silver and gold pieces (trays, boxes, candle holders, table picture frames…)
  • Rattan trays, small or large baskets
  • Dark to medium dark wood items (boxes, bases, costars)
  • Antique pieces
  • Sea shells, starfshes and coral (sparingly)
  • Ceramic vases
  • Glass pieces (vases, crystal boxes)

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