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I’m a coastal home lover like you, who struggled to find the right tips and items when I was transforming my normal home into a coastal retreat to relax.

I’m truly passioned by this style and for years I’ve been collecting images and pins of coastal rooms and decorations, making me realize that Coastal Style is often misunderstood, therefore, instead of finding lots of inspiration to create a house that would make me feel as if I was near the beach, I found way too themed rooms with too many seashells, steering wheels and flashy blues.

So, I decided to build a website to help other coastal home lovers like me to find and create a beautiful classic coastal home without spending too much time and money researching, like I did.

And here it is!

In Living Buy Coastal you’ll find different coastal styles, from modern to traditional. Just choose the one you best identify with and get the items needed to achieve that look, all from the comfort of your soon to be coastal home.

Living Buy Coastal is an affiliate website, so for anything you buy I’ll get a small fee. 

Dive in and enjoy the view.

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