Classic Coastal Bedroom

Classic Coastal Bedroom Guide

The classic coastal bedroom is a well-balanced mix of rustic and elegant elements. 

When you enter a bedroom with classic coastal decor, you feel like being transported to a fine seaside country home.

You have the natural elements, the rough textures, and a serene blue palette taken straight from the beach balanced with classic, elegant, and timeless pieces and materials that make you feel classy and pampered.

With the classic coastal you can go more country or more chic, by adding more of one type of elements, but you want to keep both styles together in harmony.

white and blue throw pillows on white bed

The right Classic Coastal Bedroom Colors:


The main color is white. Furniture, walls, and if you like, white timber floor.

This will bring light and an airy feel.

Soft Blue

The best choice of blue is light and soft, whether ashy or bright.

You want a tone that resembles the sky during the day, so it can go slightly darker or lighter, slightly grayish or brighter, but never too dark like navy and indigo (it’s too nautical and traditional), nor too bright like turquoise, or sea foam green (it’s too tropical and “beachy”)

Bedtime! Choosing the bed for a Classic Coastal look

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom and plays a crucial role in the overall vibe of the room.

That means you need to choose the right bed or headboard and the right bedding colors and patterns to achieve the classic coastal look – a mix between seaside country and classic.

So let’s start with the bed itself.

The bed style can be country or farmhouse-styled in satinwood with straight or curvy lines, or classic with a simple curvy upholstered headboard, or even a canopy and poster bed.

Coastal Headboard

If you already have a bed and just need to change the headboard to make your bedroom more classic coastal, then choose one of the styles mentioned above: wood or upholstered.

A wooden headboard can be straight or curvy, paneled or simple, while an upholstered headboard looks better with a simple curvy line because it will keep the antique country vibe.

Opt for white or ivory for the headboard’s color as these never fail to give the airy coastal feel.

However, a soft blue, whether ashy or baby light or even aged wood can work if you keep most of the room bright, white, and light. If you feel bold enough, go ahead; if you want to play safe, stay with white or ivory.

blue and white knit textile for a classic coastal bedroom

Classic Coastal Bedding

The next step to make your bedroom classic coastal is choosing the bedding.
Bedding is an essential part of bedroom decor. Not only shows off the look you’re aiming for but also gives a sense of comfort and tranquility.
As mentioned before, classic coastal decor mixes rustic and classic elements, while being airy, simple, and relaxed.
For the cover, choose blue and/or white colors, natural fabrics (or similar), and country-coastal patterns like stripes, this is by far the best choice. Whether thin stripes or blue stripes spaced on a large white canvas, stripes absolutely give the country-coastal look to the bedroom.
You can add a white throw blanket, with a simple tufted pattern.
Or you can instead, use a white cover or comforter and then add a blue throw blanket for contrast.
Both work combinations work well.
For sheets and linens, white is always a great choice. For a country vibe, choose linens with a simple embroidered trim.

Classic Coastal Bedroom Furniture

After choosing a bed and styling it with comfortable coastal bedding, it’s time to furnish the rest of the bedroom.

  • Nightstands
  •  A dresser if you need one and have space for it
  •  A wardrobe if you need and have space for it
  •  A bench, preferably with storage, or an armchair.

Furniture color and style

White furniture, with simple, straight lines, and soft edges with black, bronze, or golden hardware. The material you chose for the hardware will match the material from other fixtures (ceiling lights, wall lamps…).

Avoid buying sets of furniture. It may be easier to just get a set of bedroom furniture, but you’ll get a boring room. However, choose the same style, materials, and colors for nightstands, dressers, and wardrobes.

If you already have a matching set, spread the pieces around the home. Maybe the dresser can be used in the living room, or in another bedroom. On the other hand, if you have too different pieces, you can match the style of the hardware, and usually, by painting it all white they almost always match with each other.

But what is the style of the Classic Coastal bedroom furniture?

A mix of coastal and farmhouse.

If you want a simple coastal look, combine a straight wooden headboard with coastal nightstands, with wood etches. If instead, you prefer to go a little more country style, choose something curvier, more farmhouse, more antique.

Let there be light! Classic Coastal bedroom lamps

A bedroom isn’t complete without lighting. Not only important for different tasks but to create a mood. Cozy and airy. That means we need:

  • Table lamps
  •  Ceiling lights
  •  Task lights

Like the furniture, the lights form a cohesive look by matching in style, material, or overall look.
And because Classic Coastal style ranges from country to chic, you have a bigger choice of styles.
You can use chandeliers or lanterns in wood or metal or a classic fan with light whether you want your bedroom more rustic or classic.

Table lamps:

Glass, ceramic, or metal with a white simple lampshade. These can be used with a both rustic or chic aesthetic.
In case you choose a metal base, black, bronze, and copper make the room really rustic while gold makes it classic.

Wall lights

Instead of table lamps, or in addition to it, use metal-finished wall lights over the bed and around the dresser’s mirror, while keeping in mind the atmosphere created by different metals, as said above.

Ceiling lights

A wood or metal lantern or chandelier can add interest to the bedroom and really capture the classic coastal look. Some good options are wood beads chandeliers or wood lanterns in white or natural color, or a black or golden metal chandelier or a pendant lantern.

Classic Coastal Accessories

Time to accessorize the bedroom to give it the finishing coastal touch.
Add mirrors, picture frames, or wall sculptures over the bed; a complimentary mirror over the dresser; baskets, and trays to gather nick-nacks; candles and vases with some greenery and flowers to add warmth and life to the bedroom.
Use wood and natural textures mixed with classic shapes in white or gold, like beveled frames.
And tie everything with a rug with woven textures, in jute or cotton, natural, white, and maybe some complimentary blues.

Putting it All Together

Classic Coastal style balances the coastal and country decor, creating a rustic yet stylish seaside ambiance.

Mixing soft and rough textures, in a white and light blue sky pallet and combining rustic and stylish items, like baskets with golden lamps or frames, to create a serene coastal look with a country feel.

You can make it more sophisticated or more rustic by choosing more soft or rough textures and pieces.

There are many possibilities. If you need inspiration, here are 5 mood boards to get ideas for a classic coastal bedroom where you can shop the look from the comfort of your home.

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