The Modern Coastal Bedroom

The Modern Coastal Bedroom

The modern coastal bedroom blends the classic coastal elements with contemporary design features, resulting in a space that is stylish, serene, and breezy. A clean place to sleep with a clear mind.

So, how to create a modern coastal bedroom?

Here are some ideas for designing a modern coastal bedroom that will make you feel like you’re on an endless vacation.

gray and black throw pillow on bed

The best Modern Coastal Bedroom Colors:

Base color

White is always the go-to base color of a coastal home and rooms, but the color palette of a modern coastal bedroom also includes light grays and light blues to create a calm and serene environment.

Accent colors

The soft colors above provide a background for more vibrant variations of the coastal color scheme, like coral or sea foam green and turquoise, and even yellow, giving the room some individuality and vibrancy without overpowering the senses.

Modern Coastal Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to furniture, a modern coastal bedroom often features clean lines and simple shapes in white for larger pieces and dark or light wood for smaller pieces like a canopy bed or an armchair.
Choose smooth surfaces, polished or glossy, like glass, stone, or wood.
In the case of being an upholstered piece, it can be in any color from the modern coastal palette: white, soft ashy sands or blues and aqua, or vibrant tones like sea foam greens or coral for a pop of color.

Choosing a Modern Coastal Bed

As long as the bed has simple lines in coastal materials and colors, it will fit the minimalist look of the modern style.
As for the type of bed, you can choose a platform bed, a canopy bed, or a storage bed with a simple headboard, whether upholstered or not.

Modern Coastal Headboard

To achieve a modern look, the simpler the headboard, the better.

Upholstered headboards always make a bedroom cozier and coastal, but if that’s not your thing, opt for wood in light tones, either natural or white, but the fewer shapes and textures the better.

white and blue pillows beside brown table lamp in a Modern Coastal Bedroom

Styling your Modern Bed

Now that you’ve chosen your bed, let’s style it.
Sheets, covers, blankets, pillows, and shams not only should provide a good night’s sleep, but in interior design, we know that the mind needs to feel rested too. And the way to achieve that is by mixing and matching the right colors, textures, and patterns in bedding to create a serene, comfy image.
Let’s see how to put it together in a Modern Coastal bedroom.

Modern Coastal Bedding

The style of the bedding should be simple. Simple seams, simple trims, and piping. Think of a hotel bed. 

The covers, whether it’s a duvet or a comforter, should fall straight, neatly, or be tucked in to achieve a very clean and tidy look.

The slipcovers should also fit nicely to the pillow to create the same neat, tidy feel.

If you must use a bed skirt to hide your bed frame and under the bed, choose one that also fits straight. The key is to avoid ruffles and a messy, flowy bed. Modern is minimalist and minimalism is less.

Bedding Colors and Patterns

It’s a coastal thing: white and/or blue colors, but in a Modern style, you can choose some vibrant variations of the blues, like aqua, sea foam green, and, why not? Coral.
Large contrasting stripes or large geometric patterns can make a statement as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Lighting, lamps and lampshades

Since modern coastal style is about simple lines, choose coastal lamps and ceiling lights in metal, glass, ceramic, or stone, but with a simple shape and fewer details.
Built-in lights are great with any coastal style but especially in modern homes and wall sconces are a great way to create simplicity and tidiness, for instance, replacing table lamps for wall lights.

Modern Coastal Style Accessories

Less is more, especially in a modern bedroom. However, accessories are important to make a room more personal and warm.
When choosing accessories for your modern coastal bedroom, clean lines and minimalist design are the right options to combine function and style.
It can be a bold statement piece, like a colorful wall art, a statue, or a conceptual furniture piece, in that case, only one piece, or a subtle accent, like a box, a vase, a tray, or a seashell. Just avoid mixing too many different colors and too (many) small items that will clutter the space.

Putting it all together

The Modern coastal bedroom combines the calming, relaxing atmosphere of the coastal home style with the clean lines and minimalism of the modern design.
It takes the coastal palette of white, beige, and blue tones, but allows some bolder tones or warmer coastal colors, like corals, sea foam green, or turquoise in accent pillows or wall art, or other accessories.
Furniture is light, bright, and white and the use of glass or glossy finishes helps reflect the light while providing a sleek watery look.
Accessories combine function and style, but keep it simple and to a minimum, whether it’s a statement piece or a small item.
Modern rooms make use of natural light and space, so choose plain white thick curtains or roller blinds to frame the window with simplicity, while allowing to keep the room dark at night.

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