Hamptons Style Entryway

Hamptons Style Entryway

The entryway is the welcoming area to your home and it gives guests a glimpse of your beautiful home interior choices. So, if you have a Hamptons-style home, you definitely need a Hamptons style entryway. 

If you haven’t read the main article on how to decorate Hamptons’ Style or the Classic Coastal style, don’t worry. Here you’ll find everything you need to hamptonize your entryway. So let’s dive in:

Hamptons Entryway Color Palette:

White or off-white creamy undertones

Because the Hamptons is a classic style, you can choose white or off-white for walls, fabrics, or rugs to create that traditional look. Not too dark, not too beige, and always keeping the trio: white, blue, and sand in balance, so you don’t end up with a monochromatic boring room.

Always remember to test how the paint will end up in the area you want to paint, because the shadows and the type of light may change the result and make it either too dark, too old, or too muddy.


Blue is a Hamptons and a coastal hallmark too. It’s that one color that gives the coastal vibe, otherwise, it’s just a classic neutral-tone home.
Ashy blue tones work better. If you choose dark, like navy or indigo, you’ll get a more nautical and traditional look with more contrast.
While light washed or ashy blues makes the room more serene and soft.

Sand, brown and gold

A dark or medium brown dark wood floor and rattan pieces like baskets or chairs add warmth and nature to the space.
Sand and gold add that sunny and sandy element, while gold gives also a luxury polished touch to the room.

Hamptons-style furniture for the entryway

Console, table or a desk

Depending on the space available in the entryway, you can choose a console, a round table, or an antique bureau desk.

The table, console, or desk is not only a place to drop the keys when coming home and maybe store some ready-to-leave the home items (like sunglasses, shopping bag, wallet, etc) and things you need to have at hand when you receive a package or special mail (pen and paper), but it’s also a way to display a special piece as soon as you enter home.

Materials, style, and colors 

As with the rest of the furniture in a Hamptons style, preferably you want white wood, with simple lines, almost farmhouse-like, but a beautiful antique piece in white or dark to medium dark wood works very well too.

Ottoman, stools, or a bench

Again, if you have space for it, you can add a couple of ottomans or upholstered stools in white or soft cream and blue tones under the console. An upholstered bench in the same fabric color is also a good idea, especially if you don’t have too much space or if instead, you have a mudroom type of entrance.

The key is upholstered and in blue and light (white or cream) colors, like stripes or the Hamptons floral motifs.

Lighting: table lamps, wall sconces and ceiling light

Ceiling lights

A pretty coastal pendant lantern in white, black, or gold looks amazing in a Hamptons (and any coastal) entryway. It can be a statement piece. In the alternative a glass light or a simple chandelier

Sconce or Wall lights

Simple and discreet wall lights in the same style as the ceiling pendant.

Table Lamps

Balancing heights and volumes on the console top, one or two Hamptons-style table lamps with simple white lampshades. For the base, ceramic in white or china motifs, a glass vase, or a thinner base in silver, gold, or glass. Any of these combinations are very classic coastal and Hamptons style.

Hamptons-Style Entryway Rugs

An entry rug creates a classy cozy vibe to welcome your guests.
Jute and natural fibers are easier to clean and can withstand frequent use, but a white or light ashy blue Persian rug gives a classic touch. However, if you think that’s too classic and overwhelming, opt for stripes (blue/white or blue/cream) also do the job. It’s more modern and simple, but it does add the coziness and coastal look to the entryway.

Styling the Hamptons Entryway

Mirror and picture frames

To style the rest of the entryway area, add a mirror or some picture frames over the console, or along the hallway. Beach and nautical pictures that pick the blue tones from the fabrics or add them if you chose not to put stools, benches, or ottomans as mentioned above. Simple frames in white, black, or gold are the best options.

Large Baskets

If you have space and it doesn’t create clutter you can use large baskets. Prefer baskets with a lid to hide the clutter inside, but if you can’t find a lidded basket, put a coastal blanket neatly folded over it.
It’s a good storage solution. It can be used in trios and can replace stools, benches, or ottomans.

Console accessories

Without over cluttering the console and keeping a balance in heights and volumes in triangles, here’s a list of items you can put on the console or table.

  • Silver and gold pieces (trays, boxes, candle holders, table picture frames…)
  • Rattan trays,
  • Baskets
  • Antique pieces
  • Sea shells, starfishes and coral (sparingly)
  • Ceramic vases with white flowers
  • Glass pieces (vases, crystal boxes)

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