• 5 Hamptons Bedroom Ideas…with Amazon

    Are you looking to recreate a Hamptons bedroom from the comfort of your home?

    You came to the right place!

    Amazon offers a wide selection of products that can help you achieve this elegant look.

    So, to save you time and provide you with inspiration, we’ve delved into the depths of the Amazon store, handpicked the finest products, and curated five mood boards for a Hamptons bedroom.

    Transform your space into a serene oasis that embodies the timeless charm and refined beauty of the Hamptons. Get ready to relax in luxury and sophistication, all within the comfort of your own home.

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    1 – Simple Gold and Navy Hamptons Bedroom

    The elegance and simplicity of navy blue with the gold make this a classic Hamptons bedroom.

    Products Used

    A super classy navy and white pinstripe flannel duvet cover and a classic sand tone upholstered headboard with golden nails.

    A white drawer nightstand (or a pair) with elegant metal pulls and these beautiful clear and gold table lamps with touch control and USB Ports to charge your phone without needing an extra electric outlet.

    Wing back accent chair with accent navy throw pillows for added comfort and a place to put on your shoes, read a book at night and…throw your clothes before sleeping.

    Define the sleeping area with a white plain area rug. Pretty and cozy.

    White wood Dresser with a round golden mirror to add a touch of class to a functional piece.

    On the ceiling, a traditional brass chandelier

    And on the wall behind the bed a set of gold picture frames. You can display the three frames along the lenght of the headboard or place one above the headboard and the rest in other corners of the room.

    Nothing says Hamptons like plantation shutters, so if you don’t have the real deal, use flat slat faux wood cordless blinds. They come in many different sizes you can choose from to fit your window. There are more blind options below.

    2 – Classic Simplicity Hamptons Bedroom

    A classic yet simple navy Hamptons style bedroom, combining straight lines with traditional elements, like ginger jar lamps and dark blue oriental rug.

    Products Used

    Bed Linens and Headboard: A navy blue and white Greek Pattern Duvet Cover Set (duvet cover and two pillow shams). It’s a modern mediterranean pattern to break the traditional look, but if you prefer to keep it traditional you can choose the navy duvet sets shown below or above. And a classic farmhouse off-white wooden headboard

    Picture Frames: Display your favorite beach and nautical photos above the bed with this set of warm silver picture frames that you can also hang in others corners or the bedroom.

    Nightstand and Table Lamps: This off white nightstand with two drawers keep the bedroom simple and airy with this pair of beautiful china cottage Table Lamps, a Hamptons must-have!

    Bench: An elegant tufted velvet upholstered storage bench that you can place at the end of the bed, under a window or against a wall, depending on the space you have. It’s a great solution to store blankets, throw pillows, or pajamas.

    Throw Pillows: Throw a pair of navy pillows to the bench.

    Area Rug: Define the sleeping area with this Navy & Ivory Oriental Area Rug to compliment the traditional Hamptons look.

    Dresser and Mirror: A tall white Four Drawer Chest with classic hamptons style dark shell pulls and a small golden mirror above.

    Ceiling Light: A modern Gold Drum Chandelier with plastic shade and adjustable height

    Window Treatment: If you can invest in the real deal here are custom made plantation shutters

    3 – Nautical Elegance

    Get aboard this marina-style Hamptons bedroom, mixing classic wood finishes with elegant brushed metal.

    Products Used

    Bed Linens and Headboard: A white and navy hotel like Duvet Cover Set (duvet cover and two pillow cases) with a navy upholstered headboard adding simplicity and nautical masculinity to the bedroom.

    Picture Frames: Place an elegant rustic warm silver round mirror above the bed.

    Nightstand and Table Lamps: For a classy nautical look, a simple medium wood nightstand with a drawer with a pair of clean glass table lamps evoking antique oil lamps.

    ArmChair and Throw Pillows: An elegant and simple armchair that matches the simplicity of the bed covers and add a pair of nautical navy and white striped throw pillows.

    Area Rug: Add comfort with this warm natural Area Rug to pull the wood color.

    Dresser and Mirror: Above this nautical style wood dresser place this stunning classic warm silver mirror that matches the wood so beautifully.

    Ceiling Light: A classic silver 5-Light Drum Chandelier with linen shade and adjustable height

    Window Treatment: To complete the nautical feel add fabric roman shades, sturdy like boat sails and with blackout liner option.

    4 – Sand and Navy Hamptons

    Embrace femininity and lady style in this Hamptons bedroom mood board with classic cream fabrics and navy blues.

    Products Used

    Bed Linens and Headboard: A simple navy Duvet Cover Set (one duvet cover, two pillow cases and two shams) with a cream upholstered headboard.

    Picture Frames: Place a set of elegant warm silver picture frames above the bed.

    Nightstand and Wall Sconces: A simple classic white nightstand with 3 drawers. Free space for decorative accessories by using nautical and elegant nickel wall sconces with swing arm.

    Storage Bench and Throw Pillows: An elegant upholstered storage bench to place at the end of the bed or under a window with an extra touch of femininity with this pair of cream floral throw pillows.

    Area Rug: Add comfort with a traditional navy and ivory washable Hamptons style Area Rug.

    Dresser and Mirror: A simple white 7 drawer double dresser with a small golden mirror above.

    Ceiling Fan with Light: A classic gold and white ceiling fan with dimmable lights, remote control and a quiet DC motor for tranquil summer nights.

    Window Treatment: Keep the feminine look with fabric roman shades with blackout liner option for a restful night.

    5 – Lake Hamptons Bedroom

    Move closer to the lake with this rustic style Hamptons, with a white canvas, traditional blue patterns, and black touches.

    Products Used

    Bed Linens and Headboard: A pure crispy white Duvet Cover Set (one duvet cover, two pillow cases and two shams) with a white upholstered headboard.

    Picture Frames: Place a set of elegant warm silver picture frames above the bed.

    Nightstand and Wall Sconces: A classic white nightstand with 2 drawers and black hardware. It wouldn’t be Hamptons without a beautiful ginger jar china Table Lamp, would it?

    Armchair and Throw Pillows: A classic antique style cushioned arm complemented with traditional navy throw pillows.

    Area Rug: Add rustic comfort with a warm natural Area Rug.

    Dresser and Mirror: A simple white 6 drawer double dresser with a large white wall mirror above.

    Ceiling Light: A classic black 5-Light Chandelier with White Linen Drum Shade

    Window Treatment: If you can invest in the real deal here are custom made plantation shutters

    These are some ideas, but the combinations are endless! You can mix things from each mood to match your style.

    Hope you feel inspired.

  • 5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Master a Hamptons Bedroom

    Creating a classic, elegant coastal Hamptons bedroom doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

    If you love the Hamptons decor and are looking to incorporate it into your bedroom, you might be wondering if it’s possible to do so without breaking the bank.

    It is. In this blog post, we’ll give you five (plus) helpful tips on how to decorate your bedroom in a classic and elegant Hamptons style without overspending.

    Let’s dive in and create your dream Hamptons bedroom on a budget

    *Living Buy Coastal is Amazon associates, meaning that if you end up buying from the links below we get a small fee

    1. Paint the Walls White

    Painting the walls white is a simple, cheap yet effective way to achieve the Hamptons style in your bedroom.

    Not only is a coastal color, white walls also create a light, airy feel and make your room appear larger and brighter, which is synonymous with coastal living.

    White paint is the best choice to get the Hamptons look on a budget, because it’s usually cheaper than tinted paint, and since every brand has white, you can choose the cheapest one. Just make sure it’s not so thin that you need to buy more buckets to cover a wall.

    Additionally, white is a timeless choice that will remain in style for years to come, making it a smart investment for your home. So, painting your walls white is a great place to start your Hamptons-style decor on a budget.

    2. Update your Hamptons Bedroom Furniture

    Paint it white and change the hardware

    Painting furniture white can be a cost-effective way to achieve a coastal look on a breeze. A fresh coat of white paint can instantly give it a beachy vibe and will give a cohesive, uncluttered look to the space.

    White furniture is a key feature in coastal decor, and Hamptons furniture style alike.

    So, unless it’s an antique piece in a beautiful dark or medium wood, you can paint all furniture white.

    Do this on old and inexpensive furniture pieces, such as thrift store finds or pieces from big box stores.

    The key to a smooth finish is to sand it with fine sandpaper and then adding a sealant or topcoat to protect the finish. Then, replace the hardware, choose brass or black hardware. If you don’t want to spend money on new hardware, you can paint the existing one with spray paint.

    With a little bit of time and effort, you can create a beautiful Hamptons-inspired space without breaking the bank.

    Look for something like the ones below*. Click on the images to find more about the products. It will take you to Amazon’s page.

    3. Update and DIY your Hamptons Lighting

    When it comes to creating a Hamptons bedroom, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance and enhancing the overall style.

    Here are some lighting ideas to achieve the desired effect with cost-effective options while keeping the essence of Hamptons bedroom lighting intact.

    1. Update your ceiling lights and table lamps for a coastal Hamptons look.

    If you don’t want to spend money on new lighting, there’s an easy solution!

    You can simply give your existing ceiling lights and table lamps a coastal makeover with a can of spray paint.

    For table lamps, one way to achieve a classic look, is to give it a fresh coat of white on the base. If you are crafty, try using Mod Podge to attach a pretty blue flower napkin to a ceramic lamp base to make a typical Hamptons ginger jar lamp. The end result will be a charming and unique piece that looks like it came straight out of a Hamptons beach house. Complement it with a gold rim.

    Spray ceiling lights and wall sconces with black or gold if they have metal fixtures. If you have a ceiling fan, consider painting the rim gold for an extra touch of elegance.

    2. Wall sconces

    Adding wall sconces on the side of the bed or a mirror can be a great way to achieve a Hamptons bedroom look. These stylish and functional fixtures not only provide ambient lighting, but they also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space.

    However, if you’re on a budget or you’re unable to wire them in, using cheap rechargeable bulbs* that fit perfectly in a regular lamp can be a great solution.

    To create a cohesive Hamptons aesthetic, consider choosing sconces with clean lines and a neutral lampshade and brass metal. You can get inspiration on this article and here are 5 Hamptons bedroom ideas with Amazon products.

    Place them on either side of the bed or mirror at a comfortable height, and choose bulbs with a warm glow to create a cozy atmosphere.

    4. Give your Bed a Makeover

    Refreshing your bed can be a great way to transform your Hamptons bedroom. The bed is the focal point of a bedroom so it has to show off the look you want for the bedroom. In this case: Hamptons style.

    While buying new, expensive bedding may seem like the obvious solution, there are actually several budget-friendly changes you can make to give your Hamptons bed a fresh new look.

    4.1. Cover the headboard

    Whether your current headboard is looking worn or outdated, or it doesn’t fit the Hamptons style a slipcover can provide an instant update without the expense of buying a brand new headboard.

    Also, slipcovers are easy to remove and wash, making them a practical choice for those who want to keep their bedroom looking fresh and clean.

    You can make your own with cheap sheets. This DIY approach can be a fun and creative project that allows you to customize the slipcover to your liking and save money in the process.

    Or instead, you can purchase a ready-made slipcover, which can be very affordable and saves you the time and effort of making one yourself.




    4.2. Add a bed skirt

    Another thing you can do is to add a bed skirt to your existing bed.

    A bed skirt, also known as a dust ruffle, is a piece of fabric that hangs from the bottom of the mattress and covers the box spring and bed frame. It not only hides unsightly bed frames and under-bed storage but also adds a finished and polished look to your bed.

    With a bed skirt, you can transform your plain and simple bed into a stylish and sophisticated centerpiece of your bedroom.

    4.3. Fluff the pillows

    To achieve a fuller, more luxurious look with your pillows, consider fluffing them up with inserts that are slightly larger than your pillow covers.

    This trick is often used by stylists to create a plush and inviting appearance with decorative throw cushions.

    When it comes to sleeping pillows, two per person give a luxurious comfortable look.

    If you want to take your pillow game to the next level, consider sewing your existing sleeping pillow covers to make them fit perfectly and add extra volume.

    Give it a try and see the difference it makes in the overall appearance and comfort of your bed.

    4.4. Get coastal slip covers

    Don’t overlook the power of new throw pillow slipcovers!

    Instead of buying all new pillows, you can simply purchase new covers. This is a budget-friendly way to switch up your bedroom decor without spending a lot of money.

    And the best part? You can easily swap out the slipcovers whenever you’re ready for a change, giving you endless possibilities for styling your space.

    Choose ashy or nautical blues, for a Hamptons look.

    4.5. Microfiber White sheets

    Bed sheets and pillow cases in solid colors and microfiber fabric are usually found at reasonable prices.

    White sheets make the bed elegant, clean and looking comfortable and they also are easy to coordinate with the rest of the Hamptons bedding. You can find inspiration in this artcile on how to mix patterns in a Hamptons home to help you choose the right bed linen.

    4.6. Wrong bed cover? Cover it up!

    If you don’t have a Hamptons-style comforter and don’t want to splurge on a new one, consider covering it with a stylish slipcover that fits the coastal aesthetic, in shades of white, ashy or navy blue.

    You can also layer your bedding with a textured throw blanket to add depth and interest to your bedroom decor.

    5. Style your Nightstand and Dresser with Hamptons Accessories

    Any coastal style is clean and visually uncluttered. It starts with a simple color scheme white, blue and touches of warm sand or gold, and it ends with clean surfaces.

    Simplicity is especially important in any bedroom, regardless of the style. A clean, free space makes the bedroom more relaxing and comfortable.

    So, declutter your dresser and nightstand surfaces, leaving only a few key pieces on display. Store everything else in drawers or boxes to keep your space visually uncluttered.

    For the items that you do choose to display, consider gathering them on a tray for a cohesive look.

    Add a vase of flowers, a scented candle, a decorative box or two, a table lamp, and a picture frame if desired. These simple touches will elevate the look of your space and create a relaxing and comfortable Hamptons bedroom environment.

    Read: How to Style a Hamptons Dresser

    5. Print Free Beach and Seaside Photos

    You know those pictures on your phone from those walks on the beach that you no longer look at?

    Why not turn them into a unique and personal piece of art for your Hamptons bedroom?

    Printing your favorite photos and arranging them on a wall can create a stunning and meaningful display. You can also consider choosing frames that match the Hamptons style or spray painting existing frames in gold to add a touch of elegance.

    Alternatively, you can choose beautiful photos from free image sites that you can print and frame to add some coastal charm to your bedroom.

    This is a great way to showcase your memories and add a personal touch to your bedroom decor.

    Putting it All Together

    Decorating a Hamptons-style bedroom on a budget is entirely achievable with some creativity and resourcefulness. By implementing the ideas mentioned in this article, such as refreshing the walls with a fresh coat of white paint, painting furniture to give it a new look, opting for budget-friendly lighting solutions, giving the bed a makeover on a budget, and incorporating thoughtful bedroom decor ideas, you can create a beautiful and inviting space without breaking the bank. Remember to pay attention to the finer details, such as Hamptons bedroom lighting, selecting elegant Hamptons wall art pieces, and curating decor that embodies the Hamptons aesthetic. With careful planning and a focus on affordability, you can achieve a Hamptons-inspired haven that exudes style, sophistication, and coastal charm. Let your imagination guide you as you transform your bedroom into a serene retreat that captures the essence of Hamptons decor.