Classic Ideas to Organize Your Coastal Pantry

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In a previous post, we discussed general guidelines for decorating a coastal pantry.

In this article, we’ll provide specific ideas and product suggestions for organizing a small coastal pantry in a farmhouse, country-coastal style with a touch of Hamptons. Whether you have glass doors, a niche, or a closed cabinet, who wants to see a mishmash of tiny mismatched plastics, dripping oil bottles, tacky honey shelves, and an overall messy cabinet? After all, we cook with our eyes too, right?

So, without further ado…let’s dive in!

The Pantry Cabinet: Coastal and Hamptons

For this coastal pantry ‘get-the-look,’ we’ve selected a white pantry cabinet with French glass doors and drawers, reminiscent of an antique country pantry.

This pantry cabinet is available in two sizes: small and large. The small size features 2 large drawers and 2 doors, while the large size includes 4 drawers and 3 doors.

Coastal Pantry Organization

Let’s organize the pantry using coastal style items: baskets, glass jars, adding wood and golden touches.

Storage Baskets:

Utilize large storage baskets to contain fruits, potatoes, onions, and garlic. Position them on the bottom shelves, which are capable of supporting heavier loads, or within the drawers (these drawers can hold up to 11lbs). Why put pretty baskets inside drawers if they’re not visible, you ask? You don’t have to, but if you have the means, why not? It adds to the overall aesthetic.

Opt for smaller wicker baskets to store canned foods, sauces, tomato paste, and less visually appealing containers that can’t easily be replaced. This method ensures they remain concealed while also staying grouped and organized. You can lay the cans horizontally to easily view their labels.

Bottles for Cooking Oil:

Transferring cooking oil to a different bottle doesn’t take much time, contrary to popular belief, but the results are remarkable. If you have open shelves or glass doors, using elegant glass bottles for olive oil, cooking oil, vinegars, and other liquids can make a significant impact. These bottles with a golden lid are particularly beautiful and will enhance the aesthetics of a coastal kitchen, blending rustic charm with chic sophistication.

Alternatively, use a bottle rack or another small basket to hide the original bottles.

Glass Jars with Lid:

We all know they look beautiful and, again, it’s not that time consuming to pour the ingredients in a jar. Sometimes you may ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”, but the end result is so rewarding, you know it’s worth the effort. Plus, it’s much more convenient when you need to use them

So, use jars to store rice, pasta, dry grains, flour, sugar, salt, starches, cereals… You can choose various sizes, but maintain consistency with the same model. One gallon jars for cookies and large quantities of ingredients, and half gallon jars for smaller amounts. Add one rustic wooden scoop to…well…scoop from the jar. You can opt for just one scoop or one per canister.

Spice Jars

Sure, you can store all your little spice jars inside a basket where no one will see them.

However, how cute are cohesive spice jars like these? They’re affordable and can be proudly displayed on your shelves. Arrange them inside a small basket, or on a wooden lazy susan, or a wooden spice rack.

Tea and Packets Organizer

Consider using a rustic tea wooden box to organize tea bags, coffee capsules, and sugar packets. Not only does it serve as a storage solution, but it also provides a stylish way to serve guests, allowing them to choose their preferred tea or coffee blend. You can also use this box to store other small packets in the spices and baking ingredients shelf.

A Hamptons Staple in the Pantry: the Ginger Jar

Not only is it decorative, but a white and blue ginger jar also offers the perfect size to store spaghetti (so hard to find the right size in a pretty container), cookies, and large amounts of whey protein (those huge containers) adding both interest and functionality to the pantry and kitchen.

Storage Bags, Foil and Paper organizer

For organizing storage bags, foil, and wax paper in a coastal-inspired and neat manner, there are a few options:

One is to place them in a basket. Another, is using a pre-made, beautiful wood storage bag and foil organizer that can be placed inside a shallow drawer or vertically within the pantry.

Ideas to Organize the Pantry

Here’s one method for organizing the pantry (for one person), but everyone has their preferences:

Bottom Shelves or Drawer: Store heavy items such as potatoes, fruits, onions, milk, and juices.

Second Shelf: Arrange canned foods, dry goods (rice, pasta, noodles, grains, beans), salt, and stock cubes.

Third Shelf: Organize various types of flours, sugar, and baking ingredients (yeast, vanilla, dried fruits).

Fourth Shelf: Store cooking oils, spices, and condiments.

Fifth Shelf: Dedicate this shelf to breakfast items and snacks, including cereals, teas, cookies, honey, chocolate, and coffee.

Drawer, Another Shelf, or Door Storage (if not glass): Keep all types of wrapping paper and bags inside a box for easy access

Putting it All Together

There you have it—a guide to transforming your pantry with coastal charm. With our curated selection of Amazon products, achieving that coastal look is easier than ever. From practical storage solutions to stylish accents, I hope we’ve covered it all. Wave goodbye to pantry clutter and say hello to coastal organization. Get started today and bring the coastal vibe into your kitchen!

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