New Series: My Rental Coastal Home Makeover Journey

I’m starting a new series of blog posts here on Living Buy Coastal. I’ll be sharing with you my Rental Coastal Home Makeover journey.

All my life, I’ve poured over home decor magazines, shows, videos, and Pinterest boards, devouring every image and idea. My father is a contractor, my mother was always redecorating our home, so I grew up with home decor inspiration, the smell of paint, and helping my mother drag furniture around the house.

Home decor became my obsession. Whenever I see a house I think of ways to decorate it.

And now I have my new rental to play around.

Even though I like different decor styles, there is one in particular that I love: coastal homes.

There’s nothing like coming home to a tidy summer house after a whole day at the beach. The scent of Castile soap, warm milk, stone and sunscreen takes me back to happy summer days.

Coastal style has always been my favorite, so much so that I bought wooden coastal coasters many years ago, even though at that time I was light years away from having my own home. But I knew one day – oh one day, I would have my coastal style home and these coasters would fit perfectly.

After many, many, years, that day arrived. I saw a house for rent that was exactly what I was looking for and I went for it.

I was so excited! I could finally decorate my house exactly how I wanted…right?

Well…not exactly. From money and time, to structural and rental constraints, turning my home into a coastal haven has been quite a journey.

And in this series: “My Rental Coastal Home Makeover Journey”, I will share my coastal home transformation: my vision, ideas, products, and solutions to turn this home into a coastal retreat.

So, I invite you to step inside my world as I navigate the highs and lows of my coastal home makeover journey. It won’t always be smooth sailing, but it will be an adventure worth embarking on.

Let’s dive in!

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